Friday Got Off To A Late Start, Namely, on Saturday.


Damage Report: 85,000 people are still without power in our area after getting hit by tropical storm Isaias last Wednesday, including the houses up the hill and in back of us. Top Cat and I took a walk around the block and met some nice guys from Iowa — IOWA — who drove their utility trucks from I-80 Power to help with the repairs.

I-80 Power Inc. is a family owned and operated power line construction contractor providing both underground and overhead services in Iowa.  We can assist in day to day construction and maintenance and also storm/outage restoration.

Our internet was spotty yesterday and it went out twice while I was preparing Friday’s post, which meant that I had to re-boot my computer each time and try to find the auto-save, etc. I have no patience with this crap, so I shut down and went back to bed and had wonderful dreams of ice skating with pandas.

So,  yeah, just another week in 2020:

So it’s Saturday and things seem to be on an even keel so I’m willing to give this another go:











You’d think the master race would be more…impressive.



Oh, yes, there’s a cat in this picture, in plain sight:



That’s all I got juice for today. Meet me here next Friday. I will have updates on the Pet Portrait Project and Car Cat photos to share and, most likely, more of the usual whining about being me.

And, oh yeah.

Fuck Trump.





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  1. I no longer have words for how corrupt that man is. I hate him with a passion I have never felt before. I have had to cut myself off from some of the news just because it physically was causing havoc with my body; but I can’t help laughing at what you post. All so true! And yes, that rapture cartoon was a good one. Well Jerry Falwell Jr. is down for the count, let’s hope Franklin will soon be down too. So thankful for my liberal church, just what God would have wanted.

  2. You’ve got good ones here today. As always. Sorry about the internet — yup. I can relate. I’m just glad you have power, period!

    I’ve got to pick my Lizzie pix for you. I figured you should do the others first. I’ll send a couple and you can pick whichever you think will work best!

    Loved the backward/forward and the rapture especially.

    Kalama. Let’s go now! Time to move that fellow out of the White House. Sometimes I wish the Secret Service wasn’t so darned good…..

  3. Kirra

    Good luck Vivian and Top Cat with the storm recovery in your area. Good plan to quit while the internet was down and go back to bed, what’s dream!

    Trump is never makes sense, he’s such a crazy stupid twat and totally horrible. We are all sending you positive voting vibes for November.

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