The Second Time I Did A Once-In-A-Lifetime Thing.



Top Cat took me camping in Shenandoahlast week . It was the ripest moment of Fall, peak leaf color in Virginia:


It was too cold to paint in my journal (45 degrees at night), but I did do a piece of earth-work art (see below):

Now, this was my first time in The Wild so I don’t know if each camp ground offers its own unique style of crazy.

But there’s a reason that I call this piece  “How I Was Minding My Own Business Laying Down Red Fall Leaves WhenThe Old Guy In The Camper Started Telling Me All About His Law Suits Against The Satanic Cults That Are Running This Country”.

And I also got into an argument with another old guy who called me “city people” and then called the cops. Long story. But in the end, I was not charged with anything, but I still did not appreciate the lecture from some big-hatted overgrown boy scout about letting old people in big-ass motor homes (“country people”) run their generators no matter how much it irritates the crap out of me.

But other than that, I loved camping. I loved the way Top Cat knows how to pitch a tent, and chop wood, and cook over a camp fire, and choose exactly the right Bordeaux to go with turkey dogs and baked beans on a full moon-lit October night.


I told him that I’d gladly do it again.

But Top Cat isn’t sure that there’s a camp ground in America that is big enough to keep a safe distance between me and my fellow pain in the ass Americans.

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  1. Maryann

    >But Top Cat isn’t sure that there’s a camp ground in >America that is big enough to keep a safe distance >between me and my fellow pain in the ass Americans.

  2. Janet

    I’m with Mary — I laughed all the way through this. Police in the middle of the night? Love that, almost as much as Bordeaux with turkey dogs. Gorgeous leaves.

  3. Deborah

    A Halloween hoot! Still thinking you should clone Top Cat.

    Have fun at the rally — I’ll be there in spirit.

    My favorite sign idea for the rally: “This is a sign of fear!”

  4. Rachel

    Oh, Vivian, I am still spitting milk on the computer keyboard, laughing at this post and remembering some of my own favorite camping stories. Cute tent and of course the ever cute and competent TC. Loved your leaf composition. Ah, the great outdoors.

  5. You are going to the rally? Have fun. My son is going to be there.

    Well you ran into a couple of characters at your campground. Where I live, I have many of them as constant neighbors. Life in the slow lane isn’t always a piece of cake.

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