Making The Most Out Of Each Day.



Ha ha ha ha. 2020 still as me in stitches.

First, a word to Dear Readers Felicity, Adrienne, Margot, mae, and Citizen Reader for giving a salute to last week’s announcement of the desisting of my Wednesday Posts. I’m sure the Wednesday Post misses you all too, and thanks you for your kind regards.

However, now that the Wednesday Post has Wednesdays off, the Wednesday Post was doing some quality-of-life living that it had been dreaming of. Last Wednesday evening, for example, it took a romantic walk at dusk with Top Cat around the neighborhood and took this picture:

These are the size of the trees that came down in Tropical Storm Isaias three weeks ago and, as you can see, the clean-up continues. Crews can cut up the branches and cart of the smaller bits, but the trunks are so huge that they require the use of heavy equipment which is in scarce supply still. As is reliable internet, BTW, which is why half of this post disappeared earlier today and why I had to spend an hour and a half to re-do it and why you are reading this waaaay too late.

The Wednesday Post has other ideas for smelling the roses, or the coffee, or whatever it is you’re supposed to smell to make life seem like a keen thing. The Wednesday Post wants to take long walks on the beach,  listen to the pitter patter of the rain,  do some fine dining, maybe take up a new crafting hobby, and smell what ever happens to be in bloom or percolating on the stove.

The point is, the Wednesday Post wants to get out there and seize the day. The Wednesday Post wants to make art, and that requires talent, skill, perseverance, hubris, practice, more practice, more practice, and time. So that’s what the Wednesday Post will be doing on any day of the week, but most often on Wednesday.

Except not this past Wednesday.

For boring technical reasons (a printer that went on strike) the Wednesday Post (OK, you got me: the Wednesday Post is me) did not paint a cat portrait this week, as I had planned. But the printer and I have come to a resolution and I expect to be back in the pet-portrait-painting business again in time for next week’s post, BUT IN THE MEANTIME . . .


This is the kitten we rescued from our car engine a few weeks ago. We haven’t found out what her name is, yet, so we still call her Car Cat. She’s really difficult to photograph because she never slows down, but now that she’s out of isolation and is slowly mixing with the rest of the herd and getting her bearings to the giant furniture in our house, I have found some opportunities to get some snaps.

Here’s something that happened last week: I was wondering if it was time for me to take down the Black Lives Matter flag that as been flying on my front porch since June and replace it with a Biden/Harris flag.

And then, on August 23, a cop in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shot an unarmed Black man in the back. Seven times.

And then, on August 25, a 17-year old kid from Illinois drove to Wisconsin and marched into a peaceful protest carrying an AR15 that he was not legally allowed to passes, and the cops handed him a water bottle in case he was parched on a hot Summer night.

And then that kid shot and killed two protestors.

It took the cops two days to arrest him.

So, yeah, police are still letting white supremacists room the streets carrying illegal firearms while shooting American citizens for being Black.

So, yeah, the Black Lives Matter flag stays.






So, on Tuesday August 26, the Missouri Republicans in the state legislature did this:


In an epic case of Good Timing, the Republicans held their national convention this week to re-nominate der Drumpf as president of the United States.

Let’s check in and see who that went:














My favorite dust-up out of the Republican convention was what happened when DeAnna Lorraine, a Republican from California (“famous” for running against Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, a few years ago and losing) tweeted a message that “American needs far more women like Melania Trump and far less like Cardi B.”

Cardi B is a rapper who currently has a hit song called WAP which stands for something that I, at my most most foul-mouthed, can’t bring myself to explain. But Cardi B is smart and came back with . . .


. . . “Didn’t she used to sell that Wap?

And the answer is yes, Cardi B, Melanoma did used to sell that Wap:

This is the censored version of the nude photo that Cardi B tweeted out, which came from a phot shoot that Melanoma did in 2000 for GQ magazine.

I like to re-post those pictures of our “classy” First Lady so the internet never forgets:

All photos copyright by Antoine Verglas.

Let’s see some other classy Republicans have been up to this past week, and catch up with assorted current events:


















And that’s the week that was.

I’ve been getting messages from you Dear Readers that you’re having trouble seeing all the lovely comments that the best people of the internet write on this blog. All I can say is, I do see everyone’s Comments and I think you with love and kisses, and if Comments don’t appear on your screen you can try hitting the  “refresh” button, or “flush cache” and that’s it. That’s all I know about clearing out the electronic grime that crude things up in the Comments section.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Take the time to smell the coffee, or the tea, or the first signs of Fall (Spring, if you’re from the great land Down Under).

And, oh yeah. . .

. . . Fuck Trump.




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  1. Megan

    I tried to post yet again last week said it worked then hours later I got a message it didn’t, plus I can’t see any comments from anyone else. Sad, small comfort it’s not just me. Hopefully this will resolve, I tried all devices on different operating systems. Cute car cat. Enjoy carefree Wednesdays. Thanks for posting.

  2. Kirra

    Your car cat kitten is very cute!!! That tree trunk is massive, hope you are enjoying your ‘Wednesday post’ walk.

    I think you probably do need to keep that BLM flag up, it’s horrific to see what has happened. The police force is not functional and seems to be able to do pretty much whatever and get away with it. Difficult situation to improve.

    I just hope Trump fails miserably at the election but politics can be surprising sometimes. I heard somewhere that Trump has been worse than what some experts imagined, he’s done more damage to the US than they thought!!

    (I also couldn’t see comments on recent posts but thought it was me. At least you’ve seen them all!)

  3. Car cat is adorable! And looks very happy.

    Yeah, the contrast between the way Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse were treated could not be more clear. If anyone at all out there is confused about BLM and why the movement matters, that ought to clear it right up. (And Tucker Carlson is appalling for trying to explain it away.)

    I don’t see comments from others either — at least not all of them. And I never see my own. But I’m glad you’re getting them all.

  4. Yes, I want to go to wherever that first picture is when it is over. I need a vacation, as do many other do too.
    Cute little kitten has definitely claimed her place in your home.
    Hate isn’t strong enough word for what I feel about that guy in the White House. Can we call that house something else for awhile. I don’t like that a stupid old white man is desecrating my house, for it is our house and not his.

  5. Now, that’s interesting. It says four comments but none listed. I’ll try the refresh bit and see what happens…. ever so odd.

    Well, wonderous post and I’m missing Wednesday, too but I get that Wednesday wants to get a life. And that gives Ms. Wednesday more time to paint! (I still want to see the Monet book get its due.) Love Cartcat, which was almost a carcass, thanks to you saving her! And yes, we still need your flag there. You could probably fly both. I’m summering up in Trumpkin Land where there are 15+ signs to every one Joe sign. Not to mention the flags…. I think some of these guys just get in their big black pick-ups with the flags unfurled and drive around congested areas. It seems forever till November.

    New Peanuts Horror Special: It’s the Great Trumpkin, Charlie Brown…..

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