It’s September And I Really Don’t Care Like I Used To.








Wow, this was an eventful week in VivianWorld.

My Korean husbands . . .

. . . BTS, debuted their new single Dynamite at #1 on Billboard. They are the first Asian group to go straight to the top 100, and the first Asian musicians to have a #1 hit in America since 1963, when a Japanese-language song with the nonsense name “Sukiyaki” did it. (I wrote about “Sukiyaki” in my garden book, a digression on the thoughts about a Japanese garden on Long Island that I did not care for. “Sukiyaki” was a mournful ballad that was actually anti-American and it’s Japanese title was “I Will Walk Looking Up (So My Tears Won’t Fall)”. It was given the name “Sukiyaki” because Americans have shit for brains when it comes to Asia and sukiyaki was all that most Americans cared to know about Japan in 1963.)

This #1 hit in America is a big, huge deal in South Korea. There are nine national newspapers in South Korea, and here are the headlines of six of them:

Spoiler: They are all about BTS’s #1 hit in America.

The President of South Korea tweeted his congratulations to the boys, to quote: “It is truly amazing. It is a splendid feat that further raised pride in K-Pop. The success of BTS will bring huge consolation to Koreans suffering from the crisis brought about by COVID-19.”

President Moon Jae-in and his wife, Kim Jung-Sook with BTS.

In other news, Top Cat and I went strolling in a nature preserve here on the north shore of Long Island last weekend. I made a deal with Nature, that I wouldn’t be bored if She sent me a Blue jay feather. And an hour into our hike, lo, lying there in the middle of the path . . .

It’s like it was placed there just for me, moi, my own eyes:

I’m holding my face mask. Even in the 100-Acre Wood, I bring my face mask.

That’s all it takes for me to believe that life isn’t just random and pointless, a momentary blip in oblivion. Redemption By Blue Jay Feather is what I call it.

The week was also redeemed by a delightful painting session. The subject is Miss Lizzie Cosette, the Cat In The House of Dear Reader Jeanie, who hosted The Sromness Rock in Lansing, Michigan and whereabouts:

You see that Lizzie is photographed in a fetching ray of light that makes her white fur brilliant. So the trick this week will be to get her highlights, to paint her white fur in shadow and in light.

Challenge accepted.

I thought I’d give you a look at my equipment:

Lizzie has gorgeous green eyes with little golden highlights:

To paint the shadows in her white fur, I’m going to use blue paint:


Oooooooo, time for a bleed:





It wasn’t’ until I got her eye like this that I knew whether or not I’d gotten her “right”:



Now all that’s left are Lizzie’s ears. Her ears are a combination of pink and gray, and painting them so that they don’t get muddy, and painting them so that they look like they have shape and depth, is the trick.


Thank you, Miss Lizzie, for being a beautiful presence in my life this week.

In case you’re wondering what Christian America has been up to this week, they’ve been fundraising for this guy:

I checked it out, and it’s confirmed by Snopes. A Christian website called GiveSendGo has raised $314,000 for the legal defense for this little scumbag.


Let’s check in with the rest of the news:

Trump told Fox News the a plane flying from “a certain city”, heading to Washington DC during the Republican national convention, was “completely loaded with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear and this and that” adding: “Here were like seven people on the plane like this person and then a lot of people were on the plane to do big damage.” Asked for details, Trump said: “I’ll tell you sometime, but it’s under investigation right now.”

Neither the FBI nor Homeland Security can confirm that any such investigation is taking place. But that’s not a surprise, right?




Melanoma’s former best friend wrote a tell-all book about the way the Third Wife really feels about Trump’s kids, and the former hooker had something to say about it:

And let’s not forget:

Knowing the Trumps as we all do, I’d say that Melanoma is right on brand.












In case you need to know this, when you feel like you have to stab someone, stab and orange. The are the same consistency as human flesh.

And here are a few more reminders that life, and stable humans, can, sometimes, be wonderful:








And that’s the State of Things this first week of September.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Remember that we are only stabbing oranges, not Republicans. For now.

And, let’s not forget. . .

. . . Fuck Trump.










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  1. Adrienne

    Is anyone else wondering how all those thugs “in dark uniforms” got on a plane “with gear and this and that”? (when you can’t get on a plane with a full bottle of shampoo…)
    Thanks for the painting lesson. I’m loving them and hope they continue.

  2. I LOVE that “picture of a cat” sticker photo from Manchester. I wonder if I can download those sticker designs somewhere online? I could definitely use them in London!

    And speaking of cats, your painting is, of course, wonderful and captures your subject so well.

    The Toni Collette meme is awesome too!

  3. Janet

    I needed all of this today. I love the young and old lady on the same bike in the same place. if I think too much about the prospect of 4 more years of Cheeto Man, I can hard,y breathe.

  4. Megan

    Food for thought. Isn’t there a commandment about not murdering people? Who are these Christians supporting a deranged murderer? Thanks for the post it makes one think and that is always a good idea. Love the Mancunian who is putting up the posters of a cat, I want to send him money to help with the printing costs! Have a great weekend.

  5. Kirra

    Wow! Your painting of Lizzie the cat is amazing. Thank you as always for the collection of comments about the state of the world, it really does help me get through it all! I especially like the one about the oven mitts, just very on point. We’re all cheering the upcoming US election from around the world!! It’s still kind of fascinating that you managed to have Obama as president and now Trump, an unimaginable contrast. Thankfully K-Pop is taking over your number 1 spots! Maybe South Korea will help save the US……

  6. Felicity Liebert

    Hi Vivian. That bit where Mr Trump describes the planeload of thugs from a certain city…..was reported here with much smirking on the straight evening news and outright laughter on the comedy shows. Melbourne needed a good laugh this week. There now. Something good came from that nitwit. Who’d have thought it?

  7. Oh my! I am in awe. Watching you paint my girl, step by step — I am overwhelmed and thrilled. You nailed that look of hers. And the blending and colors take my breath away. Oh, Vivian, no words apart from thank you — and Wow!

    Did you hear Biden’s speech yesterday? It was powerful and strong and I hope he gets to deliver the same with a wider audience than a woman up to her elbows in tomato sauce, listening to MSNBC audio. That and the Q&A — good show.

  8. Love the painting of Lizzie!
    Wishing I had some of the pictures of the cat sticker to cover things I see that are inappropriate.
    Craziness continues for sure. Let’s vote it out on Nov 3rd.

  9. Casey

    Wow, miss Lizzie’s ears are superb. I should know, I have tried to paint cats and the ears are has hard as the eyes. Yes I can see her stare in your portrait, and she’s a beautiful girl.

    Five boats in the Trump parade capsized in Lake Travis. ha ha ha ha hah ha ha. I’m so glad that the Democrats don’t do stupid shit like that.

    Now I’ worried about what kind of October Surprise, probably illegal, that Barr and Trump will spring o America. Will they reveal that Biden is secretly married to Oama bin Laudin’s niece? I can to wait for life to be normal again, and Trump is in jail, and the shit show will be over.

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