From the Heart of the Anarchy.




First off, I apologize — I don’t have a pet portrait to show you this week. It wasn’t a good week for painting. When I wrote last week’s blog headline, I did not expect things to get so crazy so fast.

We all felt like we got a punch in the stomach last Friday when we heard the news that Ruth Bader Ginsberg had died. I’m still processing it. Here’s a few thoughts that I’d like to share:







This week’s blog post headline comes from the Attorney General announcing that New York City, which is about 15 miles to the west of my 100-year-old house here on the north shore of Long Island, is now an “anarchist jurisdiction”. Nobody knows what the hell that means, but it sounds kind of saucy.

I went into Manhattan last Friday, the first time I’ve been in the city since Top Cat and I did our bBack Lives Matter march in June. I also took the subway, which I haven’t done in a long, long time. And I will try to never do it again.

Dear Readers, the New York City subway system is really, really, really scuzzy.

The trains are fine. It’s the people that scuzz up the system. From what I observed, the pandemic has taken a toll on New Yorkers since of propriety. I can only attribute the months of lockdown and working-from-home-ism to the lowering of standards as to what constitutes “public attire”. I swear I saw people wearing pajamas on the IRT, and apparently there is a shortage of combs in NYC. Maybe wearing clothes that are three sizes too small is a fashion statement, or maybe people haven’t been able to update their wardrobe to accommodate the pandemic pounds they have packed on, but either way, squeezing ten pounds of sausage into a five point bag is not a good look. When you ride the New York subway, you realize that humanity is, mostly, made up of very unattractive people, and it’s no wonder why our society vales beauty so much, it being such a rare sight amongst our species.

Other than the, things looked pretty normal in the heart of the anarchy.




I came across a news story that made me feel pretty good about the red state of Tennessee.

Tony Tenpenny (you ave to admit that that’s an AWESOME name) was a Republican and a “coronavirus skeptic” who used to publish anti-mask memes on his Facebook page. This is from May:

This is from Tony, in June:

Tony was still wondering why America was falling for the Democratic hoax in August:

Additionally, Tenpenny had been very active on social media voicing his support for President Donald Trump and his opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement.

On May 30, Tenpenny posted a statement on Facebook falsely attributed to former Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., putting forward conspiracy theories that the virus is nothing more than a political trick to derail Trump’s re-election bid.

On July 7, he wrote that “the CDC and the WHO are pure lying (expletive)” and that public health officials are “not telling you the truth.”

Tenpenny made more than a dozen posts stating or sharing Covid-19 disinformation, including video from a Texas doctor who peddled dangerous theories about the virus, linking its cause to demons. Facebook flagged the July 29 posting by Tenpenny as “Partly False Information.”

And then, on September 20, this happened:

Tenpenny was hospitalized for five weeks and was placed on a ventilator earlier in September. No word on whether he thought his death was a hoax, or a political trick to make Trump look bad.

Let us all take a moment to say Thank you, Karma.

That’s all I got for you this week, Dear Readers. Let’s all try to re-adjust to this new, depraved “normal”.























Have a great weekend, Dear Ones.

If you’re reading this on Friday, Sept. 25, 2020, join me tonight in raising a glass for the late, great, notorious RBG.

And, lest we forget:

Fuck Trump.








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  1. Adrienne

    A personal note: I broke my foot in multiple places in June and started seeing a physical therapist a few weeks ago. I stopped seeing him because I noticed that he pretty much never wears his mask (it remains around his neck like a scarf) nor does he require his patients to wear a mask. He does not publicize this. When I asked him about this, he said “Some people have difficulty breathing and I have to be sensitive about that”. The person next to me without a mask looked to be in her early thirties with no maladies or difficulty “breathing”. Clearly, he is aware of health concerns, as his office staff works from home. When I sent him a letter explaining why I was leaving, he responded “I appreciate your opinion and concerns”. The more I think about this, the angrier I am.

    • Vivian

      Right. I totally agree. He doesn’t care about you. He probably graduated last in his class. Write a Yelp review about how careless he is about the health of his patients. This is outrageous. Take care, Adrienne. You did the right thing.

  2. Kirra

    It’s so fucking crazy over there! I don’t know enough about the system to understand how one judge dying is going to destroy so many things but I believe it. Stay safe and sane everyone, and cheers to Ruth!

  3. Karma’s a bitch. I’m glad you reported this one — I hadn’t heard it.

    Oh, Ruth. Heartbroken. These are wonderful memes. And now we grit our teeth because we know we are “stuck” and can’t do a darned thing about what will happen in the next few weeks so far as the court is concerned… it’s emotionally exhausting.

    At least the trains are clean….

    Onward, you little anarchist, you.

  4. I hadn’t heard that Tony Tenpenny story. It does seem like poetic justice, doesn’t it? I’ve been thinking for a while, actually, that all these mask unbelievers and Covid conspiracy theorists who gather at tightly-packed rallies are simply practicing a form of Darwinism. (We’ve had a couple of large anti-mask rallies in London, so this is not exclusively an American phenomenon…sadly.)

  5. You certainly are not lacking for material each week. It is truly amazing that not a day goes by without something new. Yes, the red hats do create a dead brain, but of course I have always thought that even with the red hat ladies. And yes, I am with that women sitting in front of McConnell’s house. How I wish I could step on a plane and be there with her or maybe outside of the White House. I think I need to go to the Bahamas with that kid. I would even go to Canada. I just has to get better in 2021. Doesn’t it? No, I won’t be getting a vaccination promoted by T. No way do I trust him and his cronies!

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