Knee-Deep in the Hoopla.

OK, so it wasn’t the Blue Tsunami we all expected. It seems that there are 69,816,618 Americans who are OK with having a Russian asset in the White House. But we outnumber them just enough to win this.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve been through:

Color Code: Green – without a permit.

Orange – with a permit.

Red – illegal.

(I nearby declare Exotic Pet Freaud because I know of a guy in Westchester County, New York, who has a kangaroo. He keeps it in his orchard.)

Please remember this name, Richard Grenell, because we’ll  hearing  more  from  him:

To be fair, Richard Grinnell (the tweeter above) was only an *acting* Director of National Intelligence, a post he held after he was appointed as Ambassador to Germany, where he alarmed almost every European head of state when, 2 months into his tenure, he broke Article 14 of the Vienna Convention in a interview with Breitbart News saying that he wanted to empower conservatives throughout Europe, thereby taking a political position in hopes of interfering in foreign affairs. He was a very unpopular ambassador.

Speaking of Europe. . . 

And then it was D-Day. November 3, 2020.

First, let’s hear from the Cats of Democracy:

This is Pumpkin, the official Cat of the Athens County, Ohio Board of Elections:

(Athens County is in south-east Ohio, bordering West Virginia. It is home to Ohio University, but also has the lowest median income in Ohio, being the only county in the state with a poverty rate above 30%. Should be Trump country. Here’s the kicker: Athens County went for Biden. Good work, Pumpkin.)

Voter turnout hit historically high numbers. More votes were cast than in any previous American election.  


My Twitter feed was full of offers, from our wonderful neighbors to the north, to lend a shoulder to cry on, or a reminder to b r e a t h e,  or some heart felt empathy for the torture awaiting us as we sit out the long and slow counting of the ballots.


It became a “thing”:

(Seriously, we hit the jackpot when we got Canada as the country on the other side of the longest international land border in the world.)

Lou Diamond Phillips tweeted a photo of his own emotional support team:

And then came the “controversy” of counting every ballot so they can be turned into something that no other country on Earth has: Electoral Votes.

Some people have a problem with democracy. And by”some people”, I mean “ShitBag Trump” and his Fuck Wad supporters.

This tweet from Trump will go down in history:

We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead. Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact, there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported!”

This kind of history:

(The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) (above) is the world’s largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization. Its mandate includes issues such as arms control, promotion of human rights, freedom of the press, and fair elections. It employs around 3,460 people, mostly in its field operations but also in its secretariat in Vienna, Austria. It has its origins in the 1975 Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE) held in Helsinki, Finland.)


Mark R. Levin (above) is a right-wing radio personality. He’s obviously not a constitutional law scholar. You know, when someone types in ALL CAPS like that, he’s YELLING AT YOU:
But all that yelling doesn’t make your case any stronger:

Because of the extraordinary number of voters who used mail-in ballots this year, millions and millions of votes coming in, the counting is going kinda slow. FYI: Being slow, that’s not illegal. 



But the counting went on,and on,and on…

Pennsylvania  s l o w l y counted all its votes. . . 




Michigan s l o w l y counted its votes, under the supervision of the state’s Attorney General:

Arizona s l o w l y counted its votes:

Nevada s l o w l y counted its votes:

And here’s where we meet up with Richard Grenell again:

As I type this on Friday morning, Biden is still only 6 electoral votes away from 270, with AZ, NV, GA, and PA still undecided.




This would be a good time to remember something important about all those election maps:

Land doesn’t vote. People do.


Have a great weekend, everyone. Hang in there. We’ll have a new president soon. 

And, just for old time’s sake:

Fuck Trump.





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  1. Janet Lea

    I’m going to miss all of your Twitter discoveries when the Trump Shit Show is finally over. This battered country is due for A New Day. Vivian, your blog has been a bright spot in the darkest of days. Thanks for carrying the torch.

  2. It feels like we are in the last hour of a long haul flight. The plane has descended, but the flight attendants are still running around. Everyone is sick of sitting and wondering when the plane will finally land. And the journey won’t even be over then because next comes customs, the baggage claim, a transfer or a bus ride before the journey is over.

    I want to know if the man with the cat on his shoulder’s vote is a legal vote or an illegal vote. Where is the map that shows in which states it’s legal to vote with a cat on your shoulder?

    Now I know how my parents with multiple preexisting conditions will get through Coronawinter 1 in Wisconsin without going crazy from self-isolating: They can get a kangaroo. That should liven things up for them. You can’t keep chickens in the city of Kenosha but kangaroos are apparently OK. Who knew.

  3. Alex

    If nearly half of the voters chose the Asshole, does that mean every other person you encounter is an idiot?

    I have suspected this for some time, but it’s nice to have confirmation.

    At least the map tells you which areas of the country you should not consider moving to.

  4. Barbara Ann

    Vivian you got me (us) thru the scariest time I’ve ever known in my 72 years. THANK YOU! I am so happy I cried when I heard Biden got it. Now we just have to get thru all the crap that will be flying til January. Then we will have more cat pictures and paintings. Can’t wait.

    Bless you Vivian!

  5. Kirra

    Congratulations USA!!!!!!!
    I have been paying attention to the news but I still don’t quite understand the electoral college system, but I do know that each state gives all its votes to the ‘winner’ of that states votes, which is….interesting. When it’s reported that Biden was 3.9 million votes ahead but still not president it just confused us all again. SO happy that Trump lost, even if the next couple of months are more of his shit.
    The people vote map is really good, I wish I saw that around more for US politics and Australian politics (but we would need some Green dots as well for the Greens party, and ironically our version of the Democrats is Labor and their colour is red, but anyway…..)

  6. It IS disappointing that so many people still supported Trump. I know many of them were really voting for Republican policies and probably didn’t support the man at all — but still, I will never understand it.

    That “Middle Age Riot” tweet is exactly how I feel. I am so happy to be rid of ALL those people.

  7. Bravo and brilliant. You have summed up in full the weird aftermath of election week/day/counting. What a tremendous compilation.

    And yes, we can breathe better, even if these morons are delaying everything from concession to transition money. But this too will pass. Not soon enough!

  8. I have loved your humor through this nightmare time. Thanks so much!
    Saturday just felt like the end of an abusive relationship and I cried with relief.
    Wishing he would move out now and not prolong the wait until Jan. 20th.

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