“There’s No Need to Be Unhappy.”



Hello Dear Readers! Yes, I still enjoy the “WTF 2020” memes, but today I am not going to load you up with the usual political musings.

Sure, Trump and his spawn are still shitbags, and Rudy Giuliani is, literally, a walking, talking, oozing pustule and crazy as an outhouse rat, and Emily Murphy  should be in prison, and the rest of the Republicans are laying down as many land mines as they can to keep Joe Biden in a tizzy for the next 4 years. . . but I still get up every morning and walk into my kitchen for my morning tea and I see this:  

And, OK, the guys who are planing that march in Atlanta tomorrow to support Trump’s theft of their 16 electoral votes are dangerously delusional, but they made a poster that shows Georgia in blue, and, also, spelled “Georgia” wrong:

So, for today, I’m feeling confident that the people who are in charge of Operation Destroy American Democracy are idiots, and that I can safely take a week off from the unending shit show. 

I’m celebrating this Friday because Steve, the handsome tuxedo Manx who lives on our front stoop, came home today after going on walk-about for five weeks. I’m celebrating this Friday because my Korean husbands (BTS) have a new music video out today and global ARMY are coordinating to get 100 million views in 24 hours (be  dear and click onto this link and be counted and, BTW, how much do you want to be part of that pajama party??). I’m celebrating this Friday because it’s been a gorgeous Fall here on the north shore of Long Island and I want to take the time to savor it. I want to be like Taffy, thinking deep thoughts on sequential mornings, sitting under the Japanese Dogwood tree on the kitchen patio like a cute, fluffy buddha:






I just did a quick calculation and, during this pandemic, I have run about 765.5 miles, during 225 hours, on the streets in my neighborhood since lockdown in March. I know these roads quite well, and have become quite fond of them. They feel as if they are as much a part of me as my own right hand, which is my second-favorite hand as I am left handed, but we’re still close.

The best times were those early Summer mornings when there were no cars or people about and there was perfume in the air, but Fall has its charms here in Nassau County. This is my starting point on a typical November afternoon:

This is the same starting point a few days later, on a rainy and misty morning:

After learning that Trump played The Village People’s YMCA at the end of his desperate rallies for voters in the swing states, I reclaimed it for the forces of good and added the song to the top of all the playlists I listen to while I run — I have never payed much attention to the lyric before, and it is very WIERD — but this is where I am by the time the People sing “I felt the whole world was so jive”:

Are you old enough to remember when “jive” was a thing?

What a difference a few days make…this is the same road exactly 4 days later:

This (below) was taken on Nov. 8:

All those trees are bare now. Fall really is the most fleeting season, all the more reason to catch it while you can.




Top Cat has hunted and gathered for our two-person Thanksgiving this year, strangely, by getting us  a 22-pound turkey. That’s a lot of turkey for a pandemic holiday, just saying.

The other holiday that is on my mind is ChrisHanuKwanSolstice. I just finished making my holiday card, a special 2020-themed message that will be going out in optimism and celebration of the return of the light in our lives. In more ways than one.

If you would like to be on my mailing list, send me a note with your address to vivianswift at yahoo dot com. (All Stromness Rock hosts are automatically on the list whether they like it or not.)

Did you know that “Good Riddance 2020” cards are a thing this year?

Mine is not like that. I’m never on trend.

Also a “thing” this year. . . 



You KNOW that I, for one, will be sending Season’s Greetings to President Joe c/o 1600 PA Ave this year.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Try to spend at least one Trump-free day by doing something stupid, like feeling hopeful for the future of our planet and humankind in spite of all the evidence that tells us that we are, in fact, doomed. To be happy, these days, is a very transgressive act, and if I know you, Dear Reader, you like to rock the boat. Go out there and be joyful.

See you next Friday, with the usual outrage.



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  1. I know all shall be well.But I’d feel a lot better if our Michigan yahoos weren’t taking tea with him this afternoon. Loved the protestors at Reagan Intl. who welcomed our speaker with “Shame on YOU!” Yes indeed. Shame on them.

    Well, I’ve got pumpkin bread in the oven, chicken thawing, and it’s actually warm. Just in from a walk and another due as soon as the bread is out. Still stressed but it’s easing.

    LOVE seeing “my” Taffy looking so handsome under that tree and just chilling. And glad Steve’s back and hopefully none the worse for wear. I was telling someone about your Steve shelter. Such a good idea!

  2. Karen Skjei

    Thank you Vivian for your blog, I have followed it faithfully through good times and bad and it’s always on target (and makes me laugh, which is essential during this truly horrible year). I’m so glad to see the lovely kitty and tree photos. Yes, I’d love to get a card from you! And thanks for sending the note about sending a card to Joe, will do!

  3. Rachel Scott

    Vivian…..looking forward to you 2020 card! And, I love the idea of sending Joe a Christmas card addressed to the White House. I just may do that!!

  4. Barbara Ann

    …laying land mines…excellent way to put it. Biden is going to have his hands full in January. But he’s the man to get it done.

    765 miles…impressive Vivian. I think that’s how many glasses of wine I’ve had since March.

    Cat pictures make everything better.

    • Kirra

      Well, fall/autumn where you live is very pretty! You have run a lot too, impressive!
      Taffy looks very chill and zen. Sorry I’m reading later on the weekend so am too late for the BTS million hits in one day.

      I totally love the idea of sending Christmas Cards to President Joe, it such a subtle and positive form of sabotage. Would also love a card from you if you don’t mind posting to Australia (if it’s too expensive don’t bother).

      We just had a three day lockdown in the state of South Australia, was supposed to be six days but they managed to cut it to three. Turns out someone had lied to contact tracers, but we need to be more cautious now as we haven’t had any COVID cases in the community for about 6 months and it’s only been a week since they discovered some, and as you all know it spreads very quickly. We are very lucky here, my sister in Germany literally laughed about our six day lockdown, meanwhile of course there were idiots complaining.

      Anyway, stay safe and hopeful everyone and enjoy your thanksgiving!

  5. Addressing my cards and noticed I had you on my list. Enjoy!
    The other day I realized I was having moments of peacefulness where I wasn’t totally stressed. I wasn’t thinking of Trump being a rotten president for a few moments and it felt so good.
    Jan.1st won’t be the end of it, but 2021 has hope with Joe coming later in the month, the immunizations coming hopefully by spring.

  6. That Georgia poster is HILARIOUS. Jesus God. What is with these people?!

    Love the autumnal photography. We’re pretty much down to bare sticks here too. The leafy season is indeed fleeting. Still, you had some beautiful scenery for your runs!

    I find it so weird that Trump was playing YMCA at his events, given that it’s a gay anthem. “Many ways to have a good time…you can hang out with all the boys!” I assume his evangelical followers weren’t clued in to the lyrics.

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