Whose HouseThis Is, I Think I Know.

This is the most boring house in America. I live on Long Island, so I should know from boring suburban tract housing.


I walk past this house many days, on my mosey to the library where I put books on tape for The Blind, the blood donation center where I give my O+, the children’s hospital where I read stories to the little ones, and the homeless shelter where I spoon out lunch to those less fortunate than I.

OK. The truth is, it’s on the way to the liquor store.

Still. I see this house and I wonder, Who could live in such a non-descript, basic linear house? Who?

Then I saw the them. The family who lives here. Now I know.

stick family

So it’s Friday, and what that means.

Happy Hour at Exit 37 on the Long Island Expressway.

Full report on Monday.

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