Donald Who?

Zippity doo-dah, zippy yay, my o my, what a wonderful non-Trump day.

Who else is still celebrating? Are we all still walking around in a happy daze, with a song in our heart and a spring in our step and a brain full of light and joy? OMG, how good does it feel to say to yourself, “Trump is done, over, out“? It’s an instant high every time I remind myself that  America is, officially, and finally, Trump-free. 

Now that things are approaching normal once again, and we don’t have to harden ourselves to do mental battle with the every-day CRAZY that we’ve been assaulted with for the past four years, we have to spend more time doing the things that bring beauty and pleasure to our lives.

As for me, it’s sunny and cold today here on the north shore of Long Island, so I’m going to go ice skating.  Later, I plan to read some poetry (poetry!). I like making complicated paper snowflakes and I’ve “pinned” instructions from Pinterest that I’m eager to try out. I’m ready to learn how to make pizza dough from scratch. I might even start being nice to people, but don’t count on it. 

Today, on the second day of the Joe Biden presidency, is a good day to paint a cat.

Meet Mehitabel, from Portland Oregon, courtesy of our Dear Reader Vicki:

 I had the pleasure to meet Mehitabel a few  years ago when I was doing a book tour for one of my books and Vicki graciously showed me the sights of The Rose City (the city is packed full of public parks beautifully landscaped with roses, my favorite flower).

As you can see, Mehitabel was not a cuddle bug. She kept her distance and did not like having her photo taken, but Vicki managed to get this picture that captures her personality. She’s looking a bit miffed, and I swear her lips are pursed and she’s about to go “Tsk tsk tsk” at this invasion of her privacy. My challenge will be to get that glance and that attitude in her portrait.

The other challenge is that the photo is a  little blurry, and small, and I’ve already tried to paint her once before (it turned out bad, very bad), but I’m going to dive in and give it another shot. 

To begin, I’m going to give Mehitabel a wash of white paint…”prepping” the canvas, kind of.

The most important detail of Mehitabel’s face is her mouth; that’s where her entire expression is contained. So I’m going to start there, hoping that I can get that right.

She’s a gray cat, which is fun for me because I really enjoy mixing my own gray colors:

Gray is a rich and expressive color — I love it.

Nocturne: Blue and Silver – Chelsea 1871 James Abbott McNeill Whistler 1834-1903 Bequeathed by Miss Rachel and Miss Jean Alexander 1972


James Mcneill Whistler, “Arrangement in Grey and Black”, 1871, in the Musee d’Orsay, Paris. This picture is, in the words of Wikipedia, “the most important work of American art outside the US.”

Even though she’s only a pencil outline, I can see Mehitabel glaring at me:

Let’s make her glare in full color:









She’s almost done. . . 

I have to fix the divot under her left ear and add some highlight to her eyes.




I hope that all the energy I used to spend every day loathing Trump will be turned into something productive, like organizing my bookshelves, or clearing out the basement, or folding last week’s laundry, or learning Korean. (I just found out that there are 48 ways to conjugate a Korean verb, and so far, I only know 17 and to tell you the truth, I barely know all 17, so I have hours and hours of studying ahead…)

Of course there’s still the 2022 congressional elections to fret about, and there’s plenty of crazy and evil Republicans to keep track of, but let’s get to that next week.

For now, for this week, let’s all take a deep breath of pure, clean, non-Trump air, and congratulate ourselves for having made it to this moment, to the return of science and sanity and service to the White House.

I wonder if there are any memes for that. . . 






This was dated January 19, 2021:


When Pence tried to brag about his “accomplishments” as Vice President:

Counting down the hours until Joe Biden was sworn in:

Moving day at Trump’s White House:


Speaking of the Trump legacy. . . 



At the Washington Monument, the president-elect and the vice president-elect paid tribute to the400,000 Americans who have died from Covid:


And then, finally, The Day:

















These are the New York Times on the past three Thursdays:

Have a great weekend, Dear Ones. It’s the first Trump-free Friday night in four years!!!


























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  1. Nice portrait of Mehitabel! Very expressive. It’s always interesting to see how your portraits evolve.

    I love the “Antifa did this” meme! LOL!

    I am incredibly relieved to have the last four years over with and I’ve basically slipped into his-name-shall-no-longer-be-spoken mode. Time to look forward!

  2. Kirra

    Congratulations USA!!!!!!!
    Due to the time difference I woke up in Australia to news reports of success at the inauguration, and America was very impressive again. With fabulous women leaders everywhere on stage, reciting poetry and singing songs and then President Biden signing many laws and doing good politics in his first day and Dr Fauci being back at the WHO and looking happy he can be a scientist and doctor again. This shows how impressive the US can be at moving in and getting things done and contrasts just how terrible Trump was.
    Good luck to you all for the future, I think you can get a lot done though it maybe difficult at times. I agreed with one of your post by someone who said Biden seems to be fit for this time with all his experience in politics.

    Your cat pairing is impressive, I think you totally got the look! Good luck with learning Korean or tidying bookcases, or enjoying the Trump consequences in the future of impeachment and lawsuits he is going to face.

    Congratulations again USA!

  3. What a fine day it was. I felt I could breathe again, a collective exhale in the world. And so many lovely moments — the joy of it all, Amanda Gorman, the coats, Bernie and his mittens! (Loving all the Bernie memes. I heard he was turning the image into a sweatshirt to sell to provide funds for the Vermont food bank!)

    Thanks for all the cat memes and for painting the lovely Mehitabel. Expressions are everything and you nailed it. I like the idea of the white undercoat. You nailed it — and made me smile! (Do share your snowflake technique soon!)

    Watching the demonstrations for Navalny in Russia. All the protestors are wearing masks. Good thing the capitol folk weren’t — between selfies, video and no masks, they’re getting a lot of them!

  4. Rachel Scott

    Vivian, AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! I feel like I can breath again and I’m not waiting for the next awful shoe to drop. Without his Twitter, Facebook, etc., it is if he and his family have disappeared. REJOICE! Enjoyed watching you paint. One of the ladies in my watercolor class(virtual, at the moment) has been ask to paint friends’ cats. I sent her to your blog for some instruction. I have no idea her politics(one thing we are ask not to discuss in class), so “warned” her that she might need to just look at your watercolors. Perhaps she needs to read more and become educated. Have a great week. Rachel

  5. Thanks for the smiles. Sooooooo relieved 45 is gone and now to get down to the business of healing.
    Oh how I wish I had known you when you were in Portland, OR. We love roses here for sure and glad you got to enjoy them on your visit. The cat painting is going well.
    The colors, music, poetry was all so amazingly wonderful on inauguration day. There were tears in my eyes most of the day. Joyful tears, I must add. And Joe didn’t go golfing this weekend. Amazing!

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