If You Want to Get Anything Done, Do Not Teach Your Cat to Fetch.

I work at home, so I just don’t have enough ways to waste time during the day.

So I taught Penelope, our pastel tortie, how to play “Fetch the Mousie”. She was so good at it — she must have been a golden retriever in a previous life — that I had to keep playing with her for much, much too long.

And then I had to spend way too much time trying to get a cute picture of her fetching the mousie.

Like this:












And, finally:


This is why working at home is exhausting. I need a nap.

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  1. Rachel

    Yes, I did miss you. I assumed it was technical, like when The French Book wouldnt load on Monday, so was cutting you some slack.

    We used to have a cat, CC, who liked to fetch a tinfoil wrapped walnut, her *special* tinfoil wrapped walnut. She would return to the scene of the toss and gracefully leap back into the butterfly chair, ready for the next go. It was, as all such cat games are, INCREDIBLY CUTE.

    I have recovered from the flu and returned to work. My brain is still out sick, but no one seems to notice.

  2. I love the poor attempts at catching your cat on camera. Funny! Even though I have a dog, she has very catlike tendencies, so I can relate to the constant “play ball”, “fetch mousie”! She’ll even entertain herself by batting around a ball on the floor if we can’t play with her. And with a toy in her mouth while she’s doing it.

    I too am a fan of “I Can Haz Cheezburger” as well as the dog-related site, and us Hoomins talk in LOLspeak around the house sometimes (very pathetic).

  3. Maryann

    Oh, ouch, it hurts a little to laugh this much!! Soooo funny!!! And your cat is very pretty! (Is it ok for me to say that? I can see how a cat might be particular about that…)

  4. For those of us who follow Vivian for years; Penelope spent a few first months up on the counter, due to bossy other cats, or cat, who would not welcome her into the house at all—only the den or on the kitchen counter.
    Remember, older fans?

  5. Another reason you shouldn’t teach your cat to fetch mousie is when you have a real one in the house they will just look at it and wonder why it’s moving all on it’s own, and then look back at you with a look that says “that must be YOUR mousie, you get it”. 🙂

  6. janet bellusci

    we used to have a cat named COSMO, who would fetch bottle caps. we would open a beer, shoot our cap across the room, and COSMO would promptly fetch it,
    drop it at our feet, and put that look on his face which said, “again?????”

  7. Ann Turkle

    I am at the end of a week’s break in my college teaching, but I empathize with the end-of-the-week, absolute fatigue. I don’t want to reflect on the reality of Monday’s return to reality — just say thank you for the repeated attempts at the just-right cat pic which made me laugh out loud.

  8. Leanne

    How is the beautiful Miss Penelope going? She hasnt featured for a while. Is she still snuggled up away from the rest of the mogey gang?!

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