Unless You’ve Got Something Good to Say About About Koreans or Corgis, Don’t Bother Me.

*******When I first learned that my blog was being attacked by an IP in Lativa I was insulted. Weren’t Latvians supposed to be cool? Didn’t they all wear Grateful Dead T-shirts to the medal ceremony when they won the bronze medal at the 1992 Olympics in Seoul?

Nope. That was Lithuania. 

So, anyway, somebody in Latvia has been bombarding my blog site for a few weeks, hundreds of times a day, trying to get “in” so, on Friday, WordPress had to lock my blog for its own protection until I updated the software. So I did and for now, the problem is solved. For now. I’m sure the Latvians are updating their malware as we speak.

So, in the future, if you can’t find me here, assume that it’s because of Latvians. 

And now for our regularly-schedule visit.*******

The COVID pandemic turns one year old on March 11 and I still haven’t processed how much life has changed, and how it will ever be normal again. Lordy, it’s been a tough year.

However, on the good side, Ruch Limbaugh died and is still dead.


I was in California on March 11, 2020, when I heard that the World Health Organization had declared that the spread of the corona virus had become a global pandemic, and I thought, Well, shit, I hope it will be over by the time I go see BTS  in May.

I got a lot of things wrong in 2020, but the one thing that I got right was when, in January, I predicted that 2020 was going to be the Year of BTS. I figured that if I, who had not been much interested in pop music for a decade and certainly was not into music made by Koreans had become a fan, then it meant that no one was safe from these guys.

And it turns out that in 2020, BTS became the best-selling musicians in the world. Here’s the BBC:



It’s the first time that non-English-speaking performers have topped the list, which for example usually looks like this:

This is a big deal. Because it’s Korea, of all places, and if you think racism isn’t a factor in repressing the careers of Asian artists, all you have to do is look at this tweet from a Forbes music journalist:

Hugh McIntyre is only in his 30s.  I’ve been around since 1956, so I’m not shocked at all about  how stupid people can be. 

I’m bringing you this update on current musical trends because I want you all, Dear Readers, to be up on the latest in pop culture and its attendant shift in the nexus of contemporary civilization. Also, this Sunday night you can watch the Grammies to see what happens when BTS is the first Asian group to be up for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. It will be historic.

You might be signing up for Korean lessons some day soon.

Also, I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time on the internet lately, looking at photos of Corgis and reading Corgi blogs. 

I’ve been around since 1956 and I’ve never had a Corgi. I think I might need a Corgi in my life. Does anyone know, first hand, if they are good with cats?

OK, so now all of you are caught up with the news here in VivianWorld. Let’s see what’s been going on outside of Corgis and BTS, shall we?



*** I had to look this up. It’s true that Kanye West sells items like this with holes in them, what he calls “ripped homeless sweaters”, but they only cost $2,243. And a retailer who sells these things has assured us that they are worth every penny:

Yeah, it’s all pretty funny.

But this isn’t:









This is how Donald Trump, who is still banned by Twitter, tries to tweet, and this is what he really put out:










So, how’s the insurrection thing going?

Remember her?

She’s got a new scam going:




I got news for all those fuck-wad “patriots” who rioted at the Capitol on January 6, 2021:



That includes those terrorists who are posing as Republicans in congress:

Lauren Bobert is the asshole who represents Colorado’s Third congressional district. 


That’s the news for now. 

And now, to get us in the weekend mood:















I’ve been around since 1956, so I find this funny:


Have a great weekend, everyone. If there are Latvians getting you down in the dumps, remember the wisdom of the Trash Pandas:


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  1. Hurrah for your blog! I spent all day Friday imagining scenarios, but I never suspected Latvians. Who knew?

    Those doggie pics are ADORABLE!!! Of course, I think you should get a long-haired dachshund, and so do Truman and Pippin, though perhaps they are slightly biased. They have visited my Friends With Cats many times, and have been extremely respectful, as they fear the power of the feline. As well they should.

    Thank you for your weekly roundup of the batshit crazy brigade news. I’ve been taking a sabbatical from all news sources since March 1, so your blog is the only place where I learn just how deluded human beings can become. It’s a bit terrifying at times, getting it all at once, though, instead of spread out over 7 days.

    Best wishes for your Korean boobaloos on Grammy night!

  2. Kirra

    Sorry to hear some Latvians tried to hack your blog, thanks for continuing on though. Congratulations to BTS on an amazing 2020, I hope they do well at the awards tonight.

    The Republicans are just something else, totally nuts. Maybe our politicians are just as bad and we don’t know it……

    Thanks for the dog photos, they were lots of fun. My friend says she wants to get a Corgi (she has two other dogs) but I guess they’re expensive?

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Monty has a home with me if he wants one. Any dog who can give me that upper right hand corner look could survive in Chez Jeanie.

    I will be able to hear you scream across six or seven or eight states if BTS wins big tonight. Good luck!

    And a whole year. We had way too much champagne on Wednesday night celebrating that we made it through an entire year. Although the following morning we wondered if we’d make it through the day! Well worth the morning headache, just to be here.

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