Cats Do Not Make Good Bloggers.

Penelope here.

Blogging is not my job. This my job. Me watching for snows out living room window.

But Blogging Lady, not the Lady what yells all time that she has no life of her own because of us cats (but not me, she mean all other cats) but Other Lady, the one who feeds us and blogs, wait, Might be same Lady.

She ask me to write. Because she been up all night at 24-Hour Emergency Animal Hospital with sick cat — not  bossy cat what I fight for Cream Cheese with when Lady make bagels. No, is Fat Cat. Name Belle. FAT. She sick, but better now, and Lady is taking Day Off  like she need one .


This what I wood rather do than blog:

Because I am Penelope, the Pretty One.

Anyway. Lady, one that Blogs not Lady who doesn’t have a life of her own because of us cats (but she’s  not talk about me, of course, she mean all other cats) is take Day Off.

There. I blog for Lady. Now I go back watch for snows.


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  1. Penelope !! You’re off the kitchen counter !
    You are beautiful.
    And, I’m sure you do a good job.

    ( I love stories “written” by kittys with their own dialog.)

  2. Rachel

    So glad the Snowmens are back from the freezer in the basement. What a lovely collection. Good on you. And thanks to Penelope for pinch-blogging. You have an excellent staff. 🙂

  3. Jacquelyn

    I is The Princess Rosemary CATrina…I too sleep between back of sofa and the mooshy cushion. I been getting cabin fever since snows came here. I use banana box for scratching post. Ladies who come for tea think it’s shredded lid is a piece of art. Still, my pins are long, need outside tree but my wild free range self is confined to apartment. I watch out window too…and dream of fat field mouse, long walks, eating grass, but long naps with my head on my familiar’s heart is good. She feeds me good fud, and uses eco friendly litter that has no stink for my box. sometimes we travel to Oregon to see her kittens, grandkittens and the great grandkittens. I sit on a scratch box on floor by her side when we ride the ferry or drive I5.
    And sometimes we take care of island kitties so their familiars can fly to see their kittens. I too had kittens once but now I just groom and clean my familiar’s hands and face.
    You are purrrrty. so am I.
    My familiar is pulling on boots to walk to the post office. I am going to crawl up on the warm laptop while she is gone.
    We send love to your lady and sick kitty. You too.

  4. Jeannie

    Penelope, Princess Annie here. I know what you mean about the Lady. My Lady doesn’t understand that she is suppozed to sit in the special throne and rub my ears all day. That is her role here in Annie Kingdom, sigh. It is so hard to get good Ladies. Sending healing thoughts to Belle.

  5. Joan/Jesse

    Hi Penelope, the dandy Abby cat Kitter Pye here. My job watchin’ birds come to birdbaff…we don’t have snows in Las Vegas, at least not in my lifetime. Keep up the good work doing the standin blogging…hope the snowmens bring you treats.

    Joan, the house lady & Kitter Pye

  6. We is two guys checking in on the kitty chicks. I is Buster and that other one is Pink. We’re brothers but I is big and beautiful; Pink is the cute one. Whoops I put a semeecolon – is OK in cat writing? If Penelope need a boy friend we is single and we luv her pretty picture. Maybe she could help us watch avocados growing for a change. No OT for us.

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