Cats Will Keep You Sane.

So, yeah, America is at it again.

Five days before a man walked into a Boulder, Colorado supermarket with an AR15-style pistol (technically, it was a Ruger AR-556) and shot 10 people to death, the National Rifle Association, the lobbying group for gun nuts in America, bragged about their great legal victory in … wait for it … Colorado:

I had something other than mass murder on my mind for this week’s blog and I was hoping that we could get through one week in America where I could blog about something trivial and mildly annoying in VivianWorld but nooooooo, we have to let this latest atrocity sink in:












Let’s check in with one of the biggest assholes in America, the representative of Colorado’s 3rd congressional District:


If you’ve been wondering how such an shit stain as Bobert got elected, I can answer that. She won her election in 2020 by 22,566 votes out of a total of 273,268 votes cast in a district is heavily Republican. This is who the Democrats put up to run against her:

Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Represenatives Colorado 3rd Congressional District Diane Mitsch Bush speaks to supporter during a rally in Montrose Colo., Saturday Oct. 27, 2018.

Diane Mitsch Bush is a retired sociology professor who served in the state house of representatives and she’s 71 years old. Why her? The Democrats couldn’t find a jalopy to run? I’m amazed she got 121,416 votes with those bangs. Happily, there are three very strong Democrats who have filed their intentions to challenge Bobert in 2022,  and there might be evidence that Bobert collaborated with the rioters at the Capitol on Jan.6 so her ass might be in jail for aiding and abetting sedition by then.  

In other world news, it’s weird out there:

Meanwhile, in Canada:


Sidney Powell is back in the news:


Her pointless law suits failed to overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 Presidential election, so the Republicans have been busy making sure that they can retain their minority rule in the future by voter suppression:




The senator from Mississippi, Cindy Hyde Smith, quoted the bible (Exodus 20:18, about keeping the Sabbath holy) as a reason for never, ever, EVER allowing for Sunday voting.

I fact checked this. She was indeed sworn into office on Sunday, January 3, 2021, by bible-clutcher Mike Pence, who was presiding as president of the 117th Congress. God I am so tired of these people.


But some times, SOMETIMES, Republicans make me laugh:



Kissing? Roll the film, Jimmy:





In other, much less important but far more entertaining news, there’s a woman in California who made an apartment for her cat:

OK, not a whole apartment…more of a sub-let in a corner of the living room:

That cat’s crib is nicer than mine (you’ve seen what my den couches look like).

P.S. I looked it up. Kids are still saying “crib” so I’m still, like, relevant.

And while we’re on the subject of cats, I’m going to end our visit this week with more cats, cat thoughts, cats, cat manners, cats, and cats.




























The photo on the right was taken after Patio Cat came inside to his forever home.



Have a great weekend, everyone. And no matter how bad the news will be when we meet again next Friday, I WILL write about the important things on my mind, which is deep thoughts about duct tape and people my age and the shortness of life.




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  1. Megan

    I forgot it was Saturday momentarily and was very happy to see your blog post in my feed. It was informative as usual. Confronting also. I can’t believe how stupid some politicians are, they lie brazenly and it is blatantly obvious to all. Love all the cat pieces, I am a dog person my dog is a cat person, I am also a cat person. I like dog people but am not keen on people people. I wish cats would invade my home I am very jealous. If I could be my cat I would be he has a great life. Take care and until you have gun laws order shopping on line. 😉

  2. Kirra

    Thanks for all the cats to finish! They were lots of fun. American gun laws and Republicans just blow my mind but good to see all the smarter people putting up resistance to it. Take care and let’s hope next weekend can be filled with hot cross buns and Easter chocolate, well that will be me anyway!

  3. Barbara Ann

    Love, love your blogs. I appreciate the time you take to pull all of it together for us. And the cats…love the cats. I recently became a cat mom (at 72) for the first time. Can I be considered a cat lady with just one cat?

  4. Barbara Ann

    Oh and my mother used to tell me to not leave the house without clean underwear on in case I ended up in the hospital. Now that is coming in handy for shopping at the grocery store…not funny. I live in Colorado and we are crushed (again) with shock and sorrow. Well just us human beings with souls.

    Vivian…keep helping us get thru each week.

  5. I have thought alot the same as Obama in wondering if it is safe to out of my house these days. That poem says it all. We must get rid of assault rifles and Mitch McConnell. Oh and let’s not forget that Boebet girl or whatever her name is.
    More and more I have seen stories where cats show up and adopt people and people fall in love with them. I know there are cats that visit my yard from time to time, but my cat would not let them in the house.

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