Forever Young.

This is how Spring is done on my street here on the north shore of Long Island:

April 13


late April


May 19

I live on a short street — there’s just six houses on my side of the avenue. This (above) is how it looks at the top of the street, and is where I begin each day when I go for my 6-mile run. But Long Island is a funny place. Sure, it looks like we’re in the middle of nature here and, in fact, it is very country-estate-like up in this area, and that’s why I love spending the best part of my day running around these back roads.  But this is the classy end of the street. That’s because this end of the street (above) is in what is actually called “The Estates“, while the other end of the street is in what we know as “The Heights“. The other end of the street is, well, what you’d call not classy:

That’s a small Persian restaurant on the left (with the blue awning) and that’s a paint store, on the right, where all the day laborers gather in the morning. My street intersects one of the main drags of Nassau County, Long Island. this intersection is busy and noisy and is infamous for its semi-annual car crashes. On the far corner, on the other side of this main drag,  is a car dealership. It sells Porches.

Our house — Too Many Cats Manor — is the third house down from the restaurant and is the last house in The Heights. Our next door neighbors, slightly uphill from us, officially live in The Estates. We in The Heights have to haul our trash cans out on the curb twice a week, which our neighbors in The Estates don’t have to do; the neighbor’s trash guys know where they store their rubbish and will fetch their trash bins personally, three times a week, which is classier. 

I’m explaining this to you so you’ll understand the context for my next story. I was on the phone, talking to a friend of my next door neighbor’s (the one who lives in The Estates) about a cat situation (she does rescue, like me). My next door neighbor’s friend was in her car, so the phone reception tended to blank out for a split second every once in a while. She was telling me about how she caught her latest cat, which she did while her husband was away — and the phone blanked out for a split second, and all I heard was something that sounded as if her husband had either “gone to London” or “gone hunting”.

I thought it over and, given what I know about this neck of the Long Island woods, it made much more sense to me that her husband had “gone to London”.

It turned out that, in fact, her husband had “gone hunting”. I was flabbergasted. I know far more people who have “gone to London” than who have ever “gone hunting”. Like, by a ratio of 20 to 1, and I think I’m lying about the “1” because I don’t want to sound like a Lady Bracknell, but I really can’t think of anyone I know who has “gone hunting”.

Is that just a Long Island thing? Or, am I too precious for this world, or what?

I know we have a diverse group of people who read this blog so I’m asking you: Do you know more people who have gone to London, or gone hunting? I will report my findings next week.

Meanwhile, about last week, about how I have a thing I was saving to tell you about this week, I can’t, because the thing that was supposed to happen at 9:30 AM on Monday got postponed (not by me) until 3:00 PM Friday, which hasn’t happened yet, so I am very sorry but I have to drag out the suspense one more week.

But speaking of London, a blogger-friend who lives in London AND YET probably still knows more people who have gone hunting, who you readers know as Steve in the Comments, reminded me last week that 1984 was 37 years ago.  37, in Alabama years, means 1984 is a Grandma with half her teeth missing and a dusty Precious Moments figurine collection. 1984 is olden days, done for, dark ages, old-fashioned…and I still remember 1984 as fun and with-it, wild and shocking.

Happily for me, I will never be a Grandma, having had the foresight to not have children, so Yours Truly will forever fun and with-it, wild and shocking. 

Let’s roll the tape:















People age so differently, right? See below.



I love that this Grandma doesn’t, apparently, waste time doing much housework, either.






The political story that I am obsessed with this week is the Democrats’ attempt to form a Congressional inquiry into the insurrection on Jan. 6, 20201, when Trump supporters were ordered by their president to march to the Capitol and take their country back, whose ensuing riot was facilitated by certain enabling Republicans.  The Republicans are fighting the formation of this inquiry because they say they want to “move on”, but really it’s because they don’t want to be forced to lie under oath about what they did on Jan. 6.





Remember this guy (below) from last week? Representative Andrew Clyde? Republican from Georgia? Who said that the rioters were, for the most part, well-behaved and like regular tourists?

The internet isn’t finished with Representative Andrew Clyde yet:


This is from live TV coverage of the riot from inside the House of Representatives:




The caption to this reads, We always come in this way.







Here’s the best news yet — New York State Attorney General, Leticia James, is going after Trump and his spawn:

This is why I Love New York:

In other Bad News for Deplorables:

Remember this guy? The guy in the hat? Goes by the name QAnon Shaman?

He’s got a lawyer :

In case you can’t read the text, lawyer Albert Watkins says that “his client had Asperger’s syndrome and indicated that Chansley’s mental state — and the impact of Trump’s “propaganda” efforts — would play a role in his case. 

“A lot of these defendants — and I’m going to use the colloquial term, perhaps disrespectfully — but they’s all fuckig short-bus people,” Watkins told TPM (Talking Point Memo). “These people with brain damage, they’re fucking retarded, they’re on the goddam spectrum.”

“But they’re our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors, our coworkers — they’re part of our country. these aren’t bad people, they don’t have pro criminal history. Fuck, they were subject to four-plus years of goddam propaganda the likes of which the world has not seen since fucking Hitler.”


With a lawyer like this, who needs enemies?

Then there’s this guy:

After his arrest for allegedly storming the U.S. Capitol building and kicking a police officer on Jan. 6, Patrick Montgomery was released from custody and allowed to return to Colorado — with a few stipulations, including that he not possess any firearms.

So federal prosecutors said they were disturbed to learn that Montgomery recently shot and killed a 170-pound mountain lion and then proudly posed for photos with the corpse. Colorado officials say he also broke state laws because he was banned from owning firearms due to an old felony robbery conviction.

Federal prosecutors have files a motion to revoke his release and asked a judge to place the 48-year old on house arrest with a GPS monitor. He could also face new state charges.

YES PLEASE, throw this son of a bitch in jail. Or, give the mountain lions of Colorado their own rifles and declare Open Season on Patrick Montgomery.

And then there’s Traci Sunstrom:

Sunstrum faces the following charges according to a criminal complaint: entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, and parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building. No charges pending for having shitty taste in clothes.


Meanwhile, the Republicans are still re-conting the votes in Maricopa County, Arizona, looking for thousands of votes that were changed from Trump to Joe Biden, causing the Orange Shit Stain to lose the state’s 11 electoral votes. This is such a farce that even some Republicans have had enough:

Here’s the story from the AP:

The Republican who now leads the Arizona county elections department targeted by a GOP audit of the 2020 election results is slamming former President Donald Trump and others in his party for their continued falsehoods about how the election was run.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer on Saturday called a Trump statement accusing the county of deleting an elections database “unhinged” and called on other Republicans to stop the unfounded accusations.

“We can’t indulge these insane lies any longer. As a party. As a state. As a country,” Richer tweeted. Richer became recorder in January, after defeating the Democratic incumbent.

The former president’s statement came as Republican Senate President Karen Fann has demanded the Republican-dominated Maricopa County Board of Supervisors come to the Senate to answer questions raised by the private auditors she has hired. The Senate took possession of 2.1 million ballots and election equipment last month for what was supposed to be a three-week hand recount of the presidential race won by Democratic President Joe Biden. The re-count was supposed to have ended on May 14.

Instead, the auditors have moved as a snail’s pace and had to shut down Thursday after counting about 500,000 ballots. They plan to resume counting in a week, after high school graduation ceremonies planned for the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, which they rented for the recount.

Republican State Senate President Fann hired Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based cybersecurity firm, to oversee an unprecedented, partisan review of the 2020 election in Arizona’s largest county. They are conducting a hand recount of all 2.1 million ballots and looking into baseless conspiracy theories suggesting there were problems with the election, which have grown popular with supporters of Trump.

“Enough with the defamation. Enough with the unfounded allegations,” Richer tweeted Thursday. “I came to this office to competently, fairly, and lawfully administer the duties of the office. Not to be accused by own party of shredding ballots and deleting files for an election I didn’t run. Enough.”








Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said Thursday that the voting machines Republicans turned over to private companies as part of their audit (now called “fraudit”) of the 2020 elections are no longer safe for use in future elections.

In a letter sent to Maricopa County officials and shared with NBC News, Hobbs, a Democrat, cited security concerns about losing the chain of custody over the equipment when it was handed over to the auditors and urged the county to get new machines. If it does not, her office would consider decertifying the equipment involved in the audit, she wrote. That would remove the machines from service.

State Senate Republicans subpoenaed nearly 400 of Maricopa County’s election machines, along with ballots cast by voters in November’s election, to facilitate an unusual audit of the election results. The GOP hired private firms, led by the Florida-based cybersecurity company Cyber Ninjas, to do the work.


Much like the Arizona re-count, the pandemic keeps dragging on. But we’re definitely at the beginning of the end, right? So here’s some final, last words about Covid:


Segue to the Feel Good portion of this blog:





























The sign says,

Bad Day? Take a Pinwheel.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I hope Spring is lightning your heart, or Fall is mellowing your soul, depending on the hemisphere, either way they both go down well with pinwheels and Fridays and a nice cold glass of pinot grigio and this:



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  1. Rachel Scott

    Vivian……sometimes, I must take you to task. My mother was 61 when she became a grandmother and she dies at 86 with all her teeth, as did her older sister. Both lived in Alabama. Rachel

  2. Susie

    In Wisconsin there are way more gone hunting than gone London. My brother in law, from London, came here to go hunting.

  3. Offhand, I can think of a dozen friends or family members who have gone to London (myself included), but only four who have gone hunting (assuming that gone fishing doesn’t count). One of my good friends hails from Montana, and she shot and dressed (oddly pleasant sounding euphemism there) her first deer at age 13. She now uses a Japanese bow and arrow but due to Covid, hasn’t been able to put it to use yet.

    So, over here in the great Pacific NW (neither in Canada nor Australia), it’s London for the win!

  4. OK, that needlepoint chair is AMAZING.

    I am not sure how to answer the London/hunting question, because obviously I know a lot of people who have come to London (like, almost everyone I work with) but I also know a lot of people who have gone hunting. It’s actually a bit of a false dichotomy because some Londoners hunt! Grouse, pheasant, deer, you name it — a lot of hunting happens in the UK.

    Having said that, I personally have never been hunting and I’m going to keep it that way.

    Love all the animal pics, of course — except the mountain lion. 🙁

  5. I do see why you would like BTS. They are rather cute and can carry a tune too.
    I had to smile when I saw how those “tourists” had t-shirts prints and entered over the wall instead of just walking in the door the normal way tourists do visit.
    And yes, idiots on March 6th visit of tourists.But even an idiot should know better. Maybe their mama’s didn’t teach them well.
    I do know more that have gone to London than hunting.

  6. There’s something about the name “Cyber Ninja” that should have been the first clue. Love the “tourist” memes. If this was a sitcom it would actually be funny but in real life, scary as hell.

    Hmmm. In Michigan there is a lot of hunting. Now I’m counting up… I still think more London than hunting — right now I can think of five hunters and many more London’s. But I suspect I’m undercounting!

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