Christmas in July.

July 2020 might be my favorite month of the past few  years but no, it’s not because of the weather which, frankly, has been a fright.

Portland, Oregon hit an all-time high of 112 degrees Fahrenheit (44.4 Celsius) on June 27. That broke a record of 108 F set just a day earlier. Both days topped the previous record of 107 F, reached in 1981 and 1965.

Farther north, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport hit 104 F  (40 C) a new all-time high that edged out the area’s previous record of 103 F, set in 2009.

The sweltering weather appears to be part of a broader climate change trend. The Pacific Northwest’s average temperature has warmed more than 2 F compared with a century ago, with most of that change in the last 40 years.

The number of extreme heat days has increased in this century: in 1940 Portland had only about 10 days per year when the daily high temperature topped 90 F. By 2020, that number was at about 20 days per year. The projected change, by the middle of the century is for the region to have 40 days per year with temperatures above 90 degrees.





It was 97 degrees here on the north shore of Long Island last week (36 C) and although that might not seem a lot to an Australian, to me it was hot enough that I’d take a cold shower fully clothed several times a day. We don’t have AC here at Too Many Cats Manor because this 100-year old house holds on to Winter in its bones for most of the year so, for the week or two that the heat becomes unbearable, we just suffer. And lying on the den couch in soaking wet clothes with a fan pointed directly at you is actually pretty effective in beating the heat. But it did make me wonder how on Earth I could stand it if it got 10 degrees hotter. Portland, Oregon, you have my respect.

Today it is rainy and cool — in the 70s (21 – 23 C)  — and I am sitting here with a sweater on and ruing a promise I made in the heat of the moment. Last weekend at a get-together with friends and friends of friends, friends of friends were telling us about the house they are building in Dallas, Texas. They are moving next month and the wife of the pair turned to me and said, “I hear you do cat rescue.”

Long story short, I am now in charge of two small feral cat colonies that this woman has been feeding for several years. The cats live in a town that is five miles from my house, in an alley that is home to those places where where junk cars are towed, and I will be giving them breakfast and dinner 7 days a week. 

I don’t really want the job but there is no one else who was willing to take the responsibility. The guys at the car crash places give the cats shelter, and an old guy who used to work there (sadly, now deceased)  is the one who started the colonies and he built cute little huts where their food is protected from rain and snow, and the cats look clean and plump and have all been trapped/neutered/released (ears clipped) so it’s they are well-cared for. But that will be me, in freezing rain and blistering heat and dark of night traipsing over there with bottles of water and two kinds of wet and dry food until they, or I, die. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a fucking sweetheart of a human being.

But that hasn’t changed the fact that July 2020 is my favorite month of the past few years because raise high the roof beam, sound the trumpets, come all ye faithful and hear the glad tidings of comfort and joy:


The indictment charges the Trump Organization, Trump Payroll Corporation, and Allen Weisselberg. Prosecutors allege a 15-year tax scheme, with 15 felony counts, charging

Mr. Weisselberg for failure to pay taxes on valuable benefits he and his family received from Trump, such as tens of thousands of dollars in private school tuition for one of Mr. Weisselberg’s grandchildren, a rent-free apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and leased Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Mr. Weisselberg’s wife also received her own leased Mercedes.

Weisselberg faces grand larceny, tax fraud scheme to defraud, conspiracy, falsifying business records.

Assistant District Attorney Carey Dunne said, “As spelled out in the indictment, this was a 15-year long tax fraud scheme…it was orchestrated by the most senior execs who were financially benefitting themselves and others…CFO avoided taxes on 1.7 million in income…”

The prosecutors are also working with lawyers from the office of the New York State attorney general, Letitia James, investigating whether the Trump Organization failed to pay payroll taxes on what should have been taxable income and whether Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization manipulated property values to obtain loans and tax benefits,  among other potential financial crimes




Just in case you are thinking that ppppffffttttt, a few tax-dodging charges are small potatoes, here’s the opinion of Preet Bharara, the former federal prosecutor who served as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 2009 to 2017, who was one of the nation’s most aggressive and outspoken prosecutors of public corruption and Wall Street crime during his tenure.

Daniel Shaviro (above), one of the foremost authorities on taxation, is the Wayne Perry Professor of Taxation at New York University Law School where his research focuses on tax policy and distributive justice. So I’m going to trust these guys and I invite you to join me in popping open a bottle of pre-celebratory champagne tonight to toast the demise of Trump and his spawn.

Meanwhile, the Democratic mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico wants to have a word with the soon-to-be bankrupt kaput Trump:

Mayor Tim Keller used to be the New Mexico State Auditor, so he’s a real stickler when it comes to tax dollar expenditures, and he’ll be in office at least util 2022, so you know that he’s not going to let Turmp slide on this debt. 

Speaking of tenacious Democrats, let’s see what Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is doing:







Speaking of Deep Shit, Trump gave a rally in Ohio on June 26 :

I almost forgot that Trump had a birthday on June 14:

And speaking of Melanoma Trump, she’s pissed that Jill Biden got a cover of vogue Magazine, something that Melanoma was never offered ins spite of her being a “model” and all . . . 


Whore, Republican. . . sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference:

In case you can’t read the caption, here’s the story: Edward Snodgrass, a Republican trustee for Porter County, Ohio, admitted to forging his dead father’s signature on an absentee ballot, then voting again as himself. “I was simply trying to execute a dying man’s wishes,” Snodgrass said, and claims that it’s wrong to characterize what he did as “Trump voter fraud.”

In an interview with NBC News, Edward Snodgrass said he made “an honest error” while struggling to take care of his dying father, who had advanced Parkinson’s disease. He said he had power of attorney for several years and because his dad had broken his right arm he’d already been “signing for him.” He said his dad had requested the absentee ballot.

Snodgrass is due back in court July 9 where, according to a plea agreement, he is expected to plead guilty to a reduced charge of falsification and receive a sentence of three days in jail and a $500 fine.

Initially charged with illegal voting, which is a fourth-degree felony, Snodgrass could have faced a prison sentence of six or more months along with a $5,000 fine had he not agreed to a deal.

In other MAGAt news:



I’ve written about Anna Morgan-LLoyd before, the rioter who got off on probation for her part in the January 6 insurrection because she watched Schindler’s List and was educated. Well, as soon as the judge let her off she went on Fox News (note the quotes around the word RIOT):

The interview comes a day after Morgan-Lloyd said in court that she felt ashamed for the “savage display of violence” on Jan. 6.

She pleaded guilty to parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building — a federal misdemeanor. During her sentencing, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth credited Morgan-Lloyd’s show of remorse in court and said he’d cut her “a break” in his  sentence of three years probation that avoided time in prison.

On Fox, Morgan-Lloyd minimized the deadly attack when asked by Fox host Laura Ingraham whether she considers that day to be an “insurrection.”

“I can only talk about the area I was in, and I don’t believe it,” Morgan-Lloyd, 49, said. “But as I said, that’s only from the area I was at in the Capitol. People were not breaking the windows. We see nothing.”

Jesus, MAGAts are so damn stupid.

From now on, any MAGAt’s sweetheart probation should include a ban from going on Fox TV to downplay the “riot” of January 6, and give Fox the chance to describe the plea deal as “charges fall apart”.





And now for something really important:

Prince William and Prince Harry were reunited on July 1 to unveil a statue of their late mother, Princess Diana, on what would have been her 60th birthday.

The statue is located in the sunken garden at Kensington Palace in London.



OK, I love the inspiration. But that statue is F U G L Y. It is hideous. Is it so hard to get a likeness of a person in bronze? Because this doesn’t even come close.I remember how beautiful and chic Diana was, and I, for one, am disappointed, and I can only console myself with some memes and then, some cats.







































Have a great weekend, everyone. It’s been a long time, and a lot of gas lighting, and far too much leniency and forgiveness, but it’s time, Dear Ones, it’s time to celebrate the Beginning of the End. It’s going to happen. I feel it in my soul, it’s going to happen: The End of the Trump Era is nigh.

Now go and be happy!



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  1. Here in the desert of SE Washington state, we tied a record high of 118. Now, we are used to heat. Our summers are typically in the 90-100 range. And we have AC. Still. My AC couldn’t keep up with that and it got to 79 inside by 7pm. Yoicks.

    Luckily I have a ceiling fan in the bedroom and a tower fan as well, so I was fine. My friends in Seattle, where I spent 30 years, were not so fortunate — only around a third of homes there have AC. Most of them didn’t, and were like you — dousing themselves with cold water, sitting directly in front of fans all night etc.

    I predict that the sales of air conditioning systems will boom in the Seattle and Portland regions.

    SEVEN days a week, twice a day, 10 miles roundtrip??? That is dedication! There must be more people out there who are concerned enough about feral cats as you are, and who will help out — you just have to find them somehow!

    That is indeed one ugly statue. It is entirely possible to get good likenesses in bronze, but then, not everyone can be a Cellini, a Donatello, or a Rodin. Still, that is truly crappy work.

  2. Maryanne in the Blue Ridge

    John Ross Bowie, the guy who played Bawwy Kwipke on The Big Bang Theory, wrote that the new Diana statue looks more like David Spade. He’s not wrong. And now I can’t un-see the resemblance.

    In other matters, can we your Dear Readers support your two new cat colonies in any way? Besides taking turns going there which, TBH, is a bit of a drive for me. Serious inquiry.


    • Kirra

      Keep cool in the USA! Your heat waves have been on our news, hope it’s cooled down.

      I do hope it’s the beginning of the end for the Trump era, as that has flow on effects for other parts of the world too.

      Thanks for the funny cat photos, the committee against vacuum cleaners is very fierce!

  3. Are we all counting down, hoping this is the beginning of the end for the DTs? I don’t trust anything when it comes to him but boy, this was welcome news. And three cheers for Nancy and the Committee. And well done, you, for tending to the ferals. But I hope you’ll be able to find an equally loving person sometime before the snow falls to take over.

    Sending weekend greetings from the lake, where we have a fire going in the fireplace because it is NOT 100 degrees, or even close. (And I’m the other person on earth with no AC.)

  4. Phew! That was quite a read Vivian. Brilliantly constructed. As a thoroughbred Englishman may I say that I object greatly to your scathing comments about the new Lady Diana statue!…Only kidding. I also think it is very poor. The sculptor must have tried so hard to avoid finding a likeness. I wonder if any statues of D.J.Trump will ever be erected outside the bounds of Mar-a-Lago.

  5. Love the cats!
    Thank God the Trump era is coming to an end. Lock them all up and throw away the keys.
    I am in Portland and it did hit 116 on the hottest day. Most of us don’t have AC because this is not normal weather here. Yes, that exact thing happened to my hydrangeas. My maple tree is dropping leaves like it is fall, but the leaves are just burnt to a crisp. I am just thankful we survived it. It was terrible.

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