The World Is Full Of Mildly Interesting Things.

There is a website dedicated to people’s stories of “mildly interesting things”, such as 

But I have to disagree. About rainbows, for one. There would never be a time when I would see a rainbow, in or out of my house, On or Off my arm, that I would say to myself, Gee, That’s mildly interesting.

I was in Nashville in July of 2012, and my most precious memory of that trip is the rainbow that I saw from our hotel window after an afternoon thunder storm:

Because of Covid, and being forced out of my gym last year, I’ve had to resort to running the streets of my neck of the woods here on the north shore of Long Island. I’ve been doing this now for 15 months, through five seasons, from as early as 4:35AM during a heat wave last July when everything smells damp and sweet, to mid-afternoon runs in the dead of Winter when the bare trees make a scenery of unfathomably complex  filigree, to early evening outings this past month when the sun touches every surface with a dusty gold and makes every shadow long and languid, and it is all almost too marvelous to bear. I think we live on an astonishingly beautiful planet, and I am glad that I spend 90 minutes a day having a one-on-one encounter with it. There is hardly a day that I don’t look around me at this sumptuous, wondrous place and go, Hey, this is a mildly interesting place to live. Life is pretty awesome here on the third rock from the Sun.

So I’ve collected photos and stories of some minor every day Earthly miracles for you this week, which we will get to in a moment. First, I want to warn you all, Dear Readers, that as of last week I am 100% an outlaw Blue Jay feather-gatherer, and by reading this you might all become accomplices in illegally collecting, admiring, or coveting Blue Jay feathers. 

I know, I KNOW,  technically,  it’s “wrong” to possess Blue Jay feathers, but on the scale of Bad Things, isn’t it, like, a point.fiver? Gathering Blue Jay feathers isn’t as bad as storming the Capitol, right? Isn’t gathering Blue Jay feathers a mild form of badness, as bad as, say, walking down the street with an ice cram cone in my back pocket, which is illegal in Kentucky:

Apparently, there was a law on the books that if a horse was on your property, you could claim it as your own. In comes the ice cream cone as a lure for the horse as you lead it to your backyard.

In Tennessee it is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish.

In Tennessee it is also illegal to keep a cheetah as a pet, and it is illegal to shoot any animal from a moving vehicle, except whales. Whales you can shoot from your car.

Here’s a surprise: Happy hours are illegal in Massachusetts.

Drinking games and free beer is also illegal there, and that law wasn’t passed by the Puritans, it was passed in 1984 after a sloppy drunk got killed in a car accident after winning three pitchers of free beer. 

In Scotland, it’s a legal requirement to let a stranger use your toilet if he or she asks.

OK, I got this one off the internet and I fact-checked it and this one is an urban myth. However, in Scotland, cannibalism is not against the law. 

I was trying to find out what the exact penalty for possessing a Blue Jay feather was and I couldn’t find any example of anyone actually being prosecuted for such a thing, but I did find this:

Under a 1940s anti-poaching law, possessing a bald eagle is illegal – as is possessing one bald eagle feather.  Say you’re hiking in the woods and you come across a bald eagle feather. Pick it up and put it in your packet and BOOM. You are subject to a $250,000 fine.

This law does not apply to Native Americans.

I am not Native American. 

You’ve been warned.

So now, let’s jump to the Good News!!

The Supreme Court has dismissed a challenge from GOP-led states and the Trump administration to the Obama-era health care law Thursday, preserving insurance coverage for millions of Americans.

The justices, by a 7-2 vote, left the entire law intact in ruling that Texas, other Republican-led states, and two individuals had no right to bring their lawsuit in federal court.

Only Justices Neil Gorsuch, one of former President Donald Trump’s appointees, and Samuel Alito, appointed by President George W. Bush, dissented.  

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain tweeted in reaction to the decision: ‘It’s still a BFD.’ 

President Joe Biden, then serving as vice president, had whispered to President Barack Obama, ‘This is a big f**king deal,’ at a 2010 White House event where Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, nicknamed ‘Obamacare,’ into law.  

Here is the best part: Also left in place is the law’s now-toothless requirement that people have health insurance or pay a penalty. A Republican-led Congress, trying to overturn Obamacare by bits and pieces, rendered that provision irrelevant in 2017 when it reduced the penalty to zero.

The majority opinion, authored by liberal Justice Stephen Breyer, argued that because Congress zeroed out the penalty, the plaintiffs – GOP-led states and the Trump administration – aren’t being harmed.  

Did you get that? The Republicans passed the one law that made it possible for the United States Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare. 

I am in heaven.

Take a victory lap, Mr. President:

This bit of Great News from Michigan arrived late yesterday:


U. S. District Judge Linda V. Parker is my HERO!

This is an action reference to the lawsuit filed by Sydney Powell “and a cadre of other lawyers” who wanted a judge to force Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to “decertify” the results of the November presidential election. So are, I can o only find the names of Michigan attorneys Greg Rohl, Stefanie Lambert Junttila, and Scott Hagerstrom, who the judge says knew or should have known that their legal claims were frivolous, and said their lawsuit “was never about winning on the merits of the claims, but rather plaintiffs’ purpose was to undermine the integrity of the election results.”

The thing is, lawyers are not allowed to sign onto, or file, a lawsuit that they know is false. This is why Judge Parker wants to drag all those who appeared in that filing to come before her so she can allow them to reap the consequences. 

I’ll let Twitter handle it from here:






Speaking of consequences. . .


I wish that every Jan. 6 insurrectionist would get 10 years, but some judges are crazy:

Anna Morgan-Lloyd (above) admitted to parading and demonstration or picketing in a Capitol Building at a court in Washington DC on Friday, with prosecutors agreeing to a proposed sentence of 40 hours community service and a $500 fine. (I would have made it at least $5,000.)

She is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday, and is on course to be the first person to be formally punished for the January 6 riots.   

In her defense, Anna Morgan-Loyd  added that she had also watched the Tulsa Burning, a History Channel documentary film about the 1921 Tulsa massacre, and Mudbound, a 2017 film about the plight of a black man returning from World War II to a Jim Crow Mississippi. 

So we’re all good, huh?

Then let’s throw the book at this asshole:

According to the complaint, Chicago police officer Karol Chwiesiuk (above) sent text messages to someone the Sunday before the attack saying he was going to D.C. to “save the nation” and “fuck up some commies.” 

When the person who received that text message pointed out that Donald Trump had lost the election and the courts had rejected the campaign’s many legal challenges for lack of evidence or standing, Chwiesiuk responded: “Didn’t read. Busy planning how to fuck up commies.”

Chwiesiuk left Chicago on Jan. 4 and arrived in D.C. on Jan. 5, according to the complaint. He stayed at the Mayflower Hotel under a reservation made by his sister, according to cell phone geolocation data cited in the complaint.

On Jan. 5, Chwiesiuk received an email from a “Stop the Steal” email account calling on “patriots” to come to D.C. to “make history,” according to a copy of the email included in the complaint.

Chwiesiuk went to the Capitol the night before the attack and walked around the grounds, according to the complaint. Over the course of nearly half an hour, he sent 44 photo messages to three people “known to the FBI,” according to the complaint.

On the morning of Jan. 6, Chwiesiuk wrote in a text to the individual that he “knocked out a commie last night.” He sent the individual a photo of the street performer known as the “Naked Cowboy,” as well as a selfie of himself and a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat standing outside in a crowd.


So that’s the news of the week, Dear Readers. It looks to me as if the arc of history is bending towards justice, once again, and who knows? Maybe one day, the jails will be full of Republicans and you and I can walk the Earth in peace and love, with the knowledge that the good guys won, after all.

To prepare you for the long walks you will be enjoying in the new Era of Tranquillity, here’s some mildly interesting things about this world we live in.














When you eat a pineapple and your tongue begins to hurt it is due to the fact that the pineapple is eating you back thanks to bromelain.






















Have a great weekend, everyone. And remember to wish all the Trumpers you know a Happy Juneteenth!! It will make their day!!








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  1. Boy, teach me to leave the news`for a day and I learn about our gov from you! Thanks for that! Greetings from the lake where I’ll just stop for a while!

  2. Kirra

    Impressive to hear about your past 15 months of running in all seasons. Great to hear healthcare is staying in the US and nice legal work Michigan, hope they sort out those dodgy lawyers! Thanks for the interesting things, I liked the naughty goats with pool noodles on their heads, made me laugh!

  3. That rainbow is an amazing picture. I am mystified by the blue jay feather thing. If I find a blue jay feather on the street and I keep it, that’s against the law? I could see how it might be illegal to KILL a blue jay for its feathers, but finding a discarded one? I laughed about the Scotland toilet rule — I knew that was untrue. And while cannibalism is apparently not expressly illegal in not only Scotland but all of the UK, I have a feeling eating a person would probably violate other laws (not to mention hygiene ordinances).

    Also, the Marilyn Monroe quote is a fake, sorry to say.

    Having said all that, though, I love the dog pictures, and my understanding is that anyone can mail almost anything as long as proper postage can be attached. I have a friend who used to mail me beer coasters from bars he visited, rather than postcards, which was pretty cool.

  4. Yes, I will definitely stay away from assholes for a bit of happiness.
    I remember when it was very common for people going to Hawaii to send coconuts to their friends just like the picture without a box.
    Thanks for the updates.
    Hooray for Obamacare and the judges voting. Disgusted it wasn’t 100% though.

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