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Meet Norman:

Norman and I have been running into each other lately, a couple times a week, at the Plandome train station here on the north shore of Long Island. This (above) is how he waits for his daddy to come off the 4:49 from Manhattan. 

The thing is, Norman is a recent addition to this Cadillac SUV that I’ve seen around for a while here at the Plandome train station. When Top Cat takes the 4:49 train, and as I wait for him,  I’ve seen Norman’s daddy walk past my car about a hundred times. I call Norman’s daddy “The Spitter”. He’s a tall, white, white-haired, husky guy who  always hocks a loogie right before he gets in his car. This disgusts me, and every time The Spitter expectorates I think of ways for him to die. 

Then the other week I noticed this adorable face at the car window of The Spitter’s Cadillac SUV and I struck up a conversation with The Spitter’s wife, which is how I know Norman’s name and life story. She seems so nice, and Norman is so adorable, and so now I have to re-calibrate my feelings of total disgust and complete loathing for The Spitter into something more well-rounded, even-tempered, something, maybe, more like mere contempt. Because even Spitters have nice wives and cute dogs.

And that’s the lesson for the day. 


It’s been a good week for Blue Jay feather hunting. Here are two that I found on my 5-mile run on Wednesday:


When I picked up that second feather, a beautiful covert wing feather, I marveled at the clarity of its deep turquoise blue and the perfection of its exquisite tininess. As I looked up, I saw a girl, about 12, with a little boy of about 8, coming my way from the other side of the street. I had an urge to call out to them, “Look what I found!” and to go over to them and give them this feather, and tell them how they should be looking for these little treasures because the Earth is a benevolent and miraculous place to live and don’t wait until you are a grown up to feel grateful and dazzled for living on such a wondrous planet where there are Blue Jay feathers scattered everywhere.

But in a split second that scenario played out in my mind and I realized that, A, that would be creepy; and B, nobody should be talking to strangers when the Delta variant is running rampant; and C, I don’t like kids.

So I took the little feather home  and put it in the glass jar on top of the refrigerator where I put all my Sumer 2021 Blue Jay feathers. 

Note to Dear Reader Steve about Blue Jay feathers: The feathers that I find are from the molt that Blue Jays go through once a year during the end of Summer (mid-July to early September). The feathers are simply shed and, while the process is not painful, the bird does tend to be irritable while the molt is going on according to people who have made friends with Blue Jays. I’ll take their word for it. I’ve never come across a non-irritable Blue Jay, but I have cats and Blue Jays are not fond of cats or, apparently, cat-owners.

It was very hot here last week. Temperatures were in the high 90s with disgusting humidity so we got warnings for Dangerous Heat and the county opened “cooling centers” for those who don’t have air conditioning. We don’t have air conditioning here at Too Many Cats Manor, so I make do with frequent showers; I step into a cold shower with all my clothes on, and I’m good for the next hour or so. One of the benefits of living in a 100-year-old house is that these places never get really warm in the Winter and they get really hot in the Summer. But thankfully, we have indoor plumbing.

Back to my pet peeve about the Olympics. . . As I mentioned in my July 30 blog post (Some Trouble With Tribbles), I really hate it when athletes pose with their gold medals and they bite into them. I think it’s a stupid tradition but I thought biting into a gold medal was something that only Westerners did. So I learned something new this week:

Tokyo 2020 organizers announced Thursday that Miu Goto, a relief pitcher on Japan’s champion softball team, will receive a new gold medal after Takashi Kawamura, the mayor of her hometown in Nagoya, bit her medal at an event to celebrate her win.

The bite did not appear to damage the medal, but still caused a minor scandal in Japan for Kawamura’s flouting of COVID-19 protocols and perceived disrespect for Goto’s prize. Biting Olympics is a common practice, dating back to its use as a quick test of a gold coin’s authenticity, but it’s a practice you typically see only among the athletes that won them.

After a reported 7,000 complaints to city authorities, Kawamura apologized a day later and even offered to pay for a replacement medal:

“I forgot my position as Nagoya mayor and acted in an extremely inappropriate way,” Mayor Takashi Kawamura said in a statement. “I am fully aware that I should reflect on that.”

Fortunately for the mayor, the IOC will reportedly bear the cost of replacing Goto’s medal.

Well, let’s check in with how our home-grown morons are doing, starting with the Covidiots:




The father (mentioned above) was upset about his kid having to wear a face mask to school so he started berating the female principal and when a male teacher stepped in to protect the principal  that’s how he ended up getting beat up. The Proud Boys also showed up to the meeting:

Things are even worse at Florida schools:


“Shit twit” might be my new favorite word of the week.


Well, what can you say about the South and their Republican anti-face mask governors except that they deserve each other:




Gregg Abbott, the Republican anti-face mask governor of Texas, has tested positive for Covid.




I saw this news story (below) and it made me wonder, Is there a rule that you have to be ugly to get into state politics?

The sad news is that the Kidwells are now out of the hospital and at home, recuperating. Shit. This is the dick who’s been a “vocal opponent” of wearing masks and even introduced legislation in North Carolina to prohibit the governor from mandating masks. He has also questioned COVID-19 vaccines. He is the chief sponsor of House Bill 572, which would prohibit the governor from issuing an executive order to require vaccination. The bill passed the NC House in May but is currently stalled in the Senate. He also sponsored a bill that would bar state agencies from requiring the shots for licensing purposes.

In an Aug. 5 Facebook post, Kidwell wrote, “Today, I joined 54 of my colleagues in calling on our state’s major hospitals system CEOs to reevaluate its decision to require all staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in the coming weeks in order to keep their jobs.”

Kidwell has also used Facebook posts to criticize vaccine passports and referred to vaccine campaigns as “manipulation.”

I am on watch to see when this shit twit (below) gets to meet St. Peter in person:

According to the National Catholic Reporter, Burke “has expressed skepticism about the need for distancing measures to contain the coronavirus and has opposed mandatory vaccination schemes.”

In a homily given last December, Burke called COVID the “Wuhan virus,” and said, “It has been used by certain forces inimical to families and to the freedom of nations, to advance their evil agenda.”

Burke in a May 2020 address to the Rome Life Forum said vaccinations should not be forced “in a totalitarian manner” on people.

Burke also said “there is a certain movement to insist that now everyone must be vaccinated against the coronavirus COVID-19 and even that a kind of microchip needs to be placed under the skin of every person, so that any moment he or she can be controlled by the State regarding health and about other matters which we can only imagine.”


How are things in South Carolina you ask? 

Presley Stutts was a member of the Tea Party and helped found MySCGOP, a conservative organization intended as an alternative to the S.C. Republican Party.

He was a fervent supporter of President Donald J. Trump and posted photos on Facebook of himself with the former president.

After Stutts tested positive for COVID and was hospitalized, he continued to post Facebook messages reaffirming his belief that masks and vaccines should not be mandated by the government.





I don’t care much about Afghanistan, but now it’s the only thing that Republicans can talk about so it interested me when Donald Trump removed his April 18, 2021 message to the MAGAts:

Mike Pompeo was Trump’s Secretary of State:



Moving on, it’s a pleasure to see all the cases from the January 6 insurrection finally coming to court:


Dave Mehaffie of Dayton, Ohio, was known to online investigators as #TunnelCommander because he was issuing orders to members of the mob who were attacking officers during a brutal battle at the lower western terrace entrance to the Capitol. Mehaffie was 86-AFO on the FBI’s Capitol wanted list, meaning he was wanted for assault on a federal officer.

A judge signed an arrest warrant for Mehaffie on Aug. 4 after he was indicted by a grand jury as part of an existing case.

HuffPost referenced Mehaffie (though not by name) in a March 26 story on the role that public facial recognition websites were playing in the Capitol investigation. A search of #TunnelCommander’s image on a publicly available facial recognition website pulled up photos of Mehaffie, including one of him on Classmates.com. As HuffPost wrote at the time, Mehaffie had scrubbed his Facebook profile, though there were plenty of images of him available online in connection with the businesses he ran in Dayton as well as his anti-abortion activity.

Regrading another defendant who almost got off lightly for his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection, here’s a great story from a group called the Sedition Hunters:

They did! They did make it in time!

A much-anticipated sentencing for Capitol riot defendant Robert Reeder was called off at the last moment Wednesday after new videos surfaced mere hours before his court appearance that show Reeder attacking police on Jan. 6.

Reeder had pleaded guilty in June to a single misdemeanor count for parading, demonstrating, and picketing in the Capitol — a nonviolent offense and one of the lowest-level charges filed in connection with the Jan. 6 insurrection. He’d been prepared to argue for no jail time, while the government wanted him behind bars for two months because it believed he’d failed to show remorse for his role in the riots.

But those plans swiftly fell apart midmorning Wednesday, when a collective of online sleuths who have spent months independently trying to identify people who participated in the riots posted previously unseen footage that they said showed Reeder attacking US Capitol Police officers. Known as “Sedition Hunters,” the group initially tweeted an image of a man with his arm outstretched making contact with an officer; the man was wearing a red hat and blue jacket that matched what Reeder was photographed wearing on Jan. 6 in other evidence previously filed in his case.

I will keep tracking Robert Reeder, and see if he gets busted not only for attacking a police officer, but also for lying under oath. 

In another story, hope Mrs. Smith gets a boat load of money from the pice of shit who assaulted her husband:

The wife of DC Police Officer Jeffrey Smith, who died by suicide nine days after the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, filed a lawsuit on Aug. 13 against the man it alleges attacked her husband during the violence.

The lawsuit was filed by Smith’s widow, Erin, and alleges that Smith, who was 35 at the time of his death, suffered a traumatic brain injury in the altercation, which led to his suicide nine days later. It contains the opinion of former DC Medical Examiner Jonathan L. Arden, who argued that Smith’s death was caused by “post-concussion syndrome.”

Smith “suffered great pain and mental anguish and mental distress” and “he was otherwise damaged,” according to the lawsuit.

Smith shot and killed himself while driving along on the George Washington Memorial Parkway the day after he had been ordered to return to work. He was an officer in DC’s Metropolitan Police Department for 12 years.




And that’s the news round up for this week. 

This was re-run on my Twitter feed last week, making me once again love Twitter: 
























This next series is from a website that publishes people’s photos of perfect food. My favorite  is the last one.















Have a great weekend, everyone. There are only 2 more weekends in August so get out there and enjoy the final days of Summer. For those of you Down Under who are looking at the end of Winter, enjoy the cool breezes and refreshing rains. This is the best cusp-season of the year, all around the world.





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  1. Kirra

    Norman looks like a cute new friend! I laughed so much at the Twitter feed about Richard, thanks for sharing that.

    It’s kind of strange watching people suffer from covid so much when there is a vaccine and you can wear a simple mask that helps. (I’m now eligible to get a vaccine so have my first one in a couple of weeks).

    Loved the dogs who think they are cats too!

  2. Well, thanks for the info on the blue jays! That’s good to know. I’m glad they’re not all meeting some terrible end in order to sacrifice their feathers.

    I’m also glad you got a chance to interact with Norman and his wife and pooch. I think we all make assumptions about people and so often they’re wrong (or at least not as black-and-white as we initially believe).

  3. The stupid is just overwhelming!
    I am that eagle just back from another “good for me” walk.
    Love the dogs that think they are cats and the perfectly toasted marshmallow – I had never seen one so well done.
    Looking for feathers, but I think I need to walk in your part of the world to find them.

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