I Believe I Can Fly.

You might remember that last May we welcomed a new member of the family here at Too Many Cats Manor. This is Teddy:

I’m happy to report that Teddy is fitting in quite well to his new surroundings, where the prevailing aesthetic is We Can Not Have Nice Things. Here’s where he made his “mark”, you could say, on the Summer curtains in our guest room:

I guess he thought the drapes needed an aperture? Or two?

So, yeah, this is how we live.

Here’s Teddy helping me study Korean . . .

. . . which brings me to the news that me and Teddy are very hip these days with our Korean hobby, as the Oxford English Dictionary has validated the influence that Korean culture is having on Western society when it announced, on October 5, that  it was adding 26 words of Korean origin to its latest edition. With these additions, “we are all riding the crest of the Korean wave” the OED said in a statement. 

  • aegyo
  • banchan
  • bulgogi
  • chimaek
  • daebak
  • dongchimi
  • fighting
  • galbi
  • hallyu
  • hanbok
  • japchae
  • K-
  • K-drama
  • kimbap
  • Konglish
  • Korean wave
  • manhwa
  • mukbang
  • noona
  • oppa
  • PC bang
  • samgyeopsal
  • skinship
  • tang soo do
  • trot
  • unni

I  had to look up “tang too do” —  I thought it might be food, but it’s a form of martial art that I’ve never heard of.  

And this, Dear Readers, is where I have to leave you today. I am feeling poorly and I just don’t have the energy to load all the bits of news and pop culture that I’ve been saving this past week. I apologize, and I will miss our get-together, but I’ll be in form, I’m sure, next Friday.

P.S. Ticketmaster is a fucking nightmare and after three rounds I STIL have not secured my BTS tickets. But there are two more chances to pile back into the scrum, today and tomorrow, and I have a  magic feather that will give me the power to soar above the fray. 

Have a great weekend, everyone. 

P.S. There really is a magic feather and I will tell you the whole story next week.


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  1. Maryanne in the Blue Ridge

    Slipping in for a moment to send you good vibes, to say I hope you feel better and stronger soon. I don’t know the Korean word for “self care,” but … okay? XOXO

  2. Rachel Scott

    Vivian, hope you are feeling better today and that you have tickets “in hand.” Teddy seems to be taking advantage of your generosity….however, he doesn’t appear to care…..look at those eyes…he is beautiful!
    You have a magic feather? I don’t know how you learn Korean….you are a really smart lady! Shipskin…huh?

  3. Count mukbang among the many, many things I do not understand.

    Sorry you’re not feeling well! Hope it passes soon. I have a cold myself so I’m with you.

    Maybe you can get some cat-resistant vertical blinds? Is there such a thing? (Only if the tatters bother you, of course!)

  4. Judy Jennings

    I want you to feel better soon.Vivian. I hope Top Cat is waiting on you hand and foot, and the kitties are covering you with warmth. 💕

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