Jesus, Is It November Again?

I didn’t do any watercoloring this week…well, nothing that I want to show here because I did, actually, spend a few days jabbing at paper with brushes loaded up with watercolors but it was all garbage and it was all very aggravating so, in place of us watching paint dry today, I found some moments of Zen in my iPhoto files so let’s all get a cup of tea, take a deep breath, and let these images of peace and calm get us in the mood for our Friday visit:














Breaking News: I cancelled my appointment to get my rotten new hair cut fixed (see last week’s fascinating coverage of The Big Chop) because, as Top Cat pointed out, did it make sense to have the guy who gave me a rotten cut in the first place  “fix” it? So I’m going to live with it, until I can’t, I guess.

So here’s what my hair looks like on a good day:

It’s a real nothingburger hair cut. It looks like I cut it myself during lockdown … when I was drunk … and bored … and had a pair of scissors handy … and wondered what I’d look like if I were poor. The side layers are OK:

Maybe I should get about two inches cut off the bottom?

But I have to face the world head-on and on a good day, with this cut, I look bedraggled. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Otherwise, all I can do is wait a year for it to grow out and I can start again. But a dire new hair cut isn’t the only thing I’m having to adjust to.

Every year, when we turn our clocks back one hour in the Fall, it reminds me how much I dislike this business of adding and deleting an hour to accommodate an ancient rural lifestyle when people had to milk cows first thing in the morning so they need sunlight at 6AM which is completely irrelevant to 99% of people in the 21st century. 

I deeply dislike it now that the sun sets at 5 o’clock and every part of my reptile brain feels that the day is over but yet there are sooooooo many hours of darkness before I can put myself to bed so what’s a girl to do?  I already watch too much TV. Am I supposed to read? (There aren’t enough good books to keep me occupied until April.) Make fruit preserves? (I loathe fruit in any form.) Knit? (And do what while I’m at it? Hum? Pray? Recite the periodic table?) 

It’s time to come up with a plan to get through the next four months of long, cold, darkness. I mean, that’s what creative, optimistic, cheerful, and forward-thinking people do, right? Didn’t I even write about it, and call it “Winter Mind”? 

Right. Getting my Winter Mind is on the To Do List. But for now, I need a nap. 




This story from California caught my attention:

I’m interested in California condors but it’s not because someone who was instrumental in re-introducing them into the wild gave me 2 magnificent condor feathers to frame and hang in my work room because that would be illegal, but these birds are HUGE and until you’ve held a wing feather in your own hands you might not be able to appreciate the scale of these rare creatures. 

I’ve never seen a California condor in flight, but I’ve read that it is an impressive sight. With a nine-foot plus wingspan, the birds can stay aloft for hours, floating up to 15,000 feet on warm air thermals. This is North America’s largest flying bird, weighing up t0 26 pounds. (Does North America have a non-flying bird?)

So I looked into this story of the gang of  condors, and it all began with this tweet from Seana Lyn:

The birds have trashed the deck — ruining a spa cover, decorative flags and lawn ornaments. Plants have been knocked over, railings are scratched and there are droppings everywhere.

“She’s definitely frustrated but also is in awe of this and knows what an unusual experience this is,” said Seana Lyn of her mother.

California condors almost vanished in the 1980s before the few remaining birds were captured and placed in zoos for captive breeding. A few hundred birds are now in the wild. 

As condors re-colonize parts of their historical range, people could increasingly find themselves interacting with the “curious, intelligent, social” birds, a California wildlife official said.


In other much less impressive, but far more annoying news, the new Republican governor-elect of Virginia wants people to stop picking on his child. His “child” is a 17-year old snot nose baby Republican shit bag:



Gov-elect Youngkin, who made election integrity an issue in his high-stakes campaign, was recently asked about the incident.

“It was silliness, I think,” Youngkin said.  

He went on to say that “there’s real confusion on where a 17-year-old can vote or not.”

Underage people cannot vote in general elections.

Youngkin said his son “had a friend that said he might be able to vote. He went up and asked. I know my son really well. He’s an incredibly respectful young man. He presented his ID and when they said he couldn’t vote, he said ‘okay,’ and went to school.”


Now lets’ move on to another shit bag 17-year-old, Kyle Rittenhouse.

Someone has to get rid of the judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder case. Bruce Schroeder is giving very indication, from the bench, that he approves of Rittenhouse acquiring an illegal automatic weapon and having his mother drive him across state lines to attend a Black Lives Matter protest in Wisconsin which led  him to shoot three people, killing two. Schroeder did not allow the prosecution to call the murdered men “victims”, and when Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand to answer questions about the sequence of events before he shot and killed his first non-victim, the jury was forced to watch the video evidence play out in miniature — because Rittenhouse’s defense lawyer came up with the wild notion that Apple has “artificial intelligence” that manipulates footage when you pinch-to-zoom on an iPad, and Judge Bruce Schroeder totally bought into that possibility.

Judge Schroeder argued that it was the prosecution — not the defense — that had the burden of proving that Apple doesn’t use artificial intelligence to manipulate footage, demanding that they provide an expert to testify, and didn’t allow the prosecution to adjourn to find that expert before bringing Rittenhouse up for cross-examination. The judge suggested that prosecutors could somehow find that expert in 20 minutes while they took a brief recess. “Maybe you can get someone to testify on this within minutes, I don’t know,” said the judge. No such expert was there by the time the trial resumed.



And then Kyle took the witness stand and cried.



Let’s assume that ALL white supremacists are cry babies:

This guy’s name is Scott Fairlamb and he has a brother who works in the Secret Service, and even served on Michelle Obama’s security detail. 

So a far-right Republican tweeted out a video of him killing a Democratic congresswoman and Twitter flagged it but wouldn’t take it down at it is “in the public interest” to let politicians act  as crazy as they want, and so far the Attorney General hasn’t arrested this asshole:

I used to feel sorry for Merrick Garland for having his Supreme Court nomination torpedoed by Mitch McConnell, but now. . .


A famous football quarterback, Aaron Rodgers,  turns out to have lied about getting the Covid vaccine, and he was  bounced from a few games and then he went on the inter webs and talked about having “500 pages of research” that shows masks don’t work and the coronavirus is only a flu.





But there IS some good news!


I missed it when Mitch McConnell’s wife, a millionaire named Elaine Cho who used to  work in Trump’s cabinet, went on TV and told people that they should work at jobs that stink:





About this (above)…the Jew whom Mark Pukita was talking about is Josh Mandel and if Mandel weren’t one of the biggest Republican shit bags in America I would be very offended by this, but Mandel is only getting what he dishes out so I say, go at it, both of you, and let it get snugly that the Democrat manages to win the seat next November.

Let’s check in with the rest of the Republicans:









And this is  just because we can’t stand Eric Trump:

If you are looking for a new hobby, have you ever thought of leaving a funny product review on Amazon?

















And that’s all the news for this week in America, Dear Readers. I am still thinking of getting my winter Mind in gear and I have to say that, although Trump has been up to his Trumpfuckery and gotten a stay on the National Archive release of his presidential papers until Nov. 30, there will come a day when we will see him be held accountable for insurrection and corruption. The hope of seeing him in a perp walk in 2022 is what gives me and my Winter mind joy and peace and love.

That day will come. It will. 


Have a great weekend, everyone. See you here next Friday. 


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  1. Margot Boyer

    Dear Vivian, You’re brilliant, but the notion that time change has to do with “ancient rural lifestyles” is an urban myth. National time change was originally “war time” instituted during WWI and WWII to maximize productivity. Our current idiotic regimen of biannual chaos was instituted in the 1950s to resolve a clusterflock of local time jurisdictions. Great podcast on all this up at the NYT:

    I think we should stop changing the clocks twice a year and I’d go for Standard Time permanently, but I’m willing to live with either one if we could only Stop the Madness. Best regards to you & your cats.

  2. Kirra

    Thanks for sharing the photos, very nice! Good luck with your Winter Mind, we’re approaching summer which is rather nice, though it was hot and sunny last Friday but then cold and rainy this Friday, so not quite there yet.

    The haircut is a dilemma, you really need a hairdresser you trust. I think getting a bit off the bottom would go well with the rugging up for winter look. If you can find a worthy hairdresser.

    That judge us just wacko, so wrong. All the best for the next week’s painting.

  3. Vivian, you have got a gorgeous head of hair. My .02? Cut it chin length; leave the rest as is. Every time I’ve seen a long-haired woman after cutting her tresses chin-length, she has looked lighter and surprisingly even more vital. I think you’d like it.

    I save quite a few memes that you post, thinking one day I’ll post one myself. I rarely do, but they’re in a folder if I ever remember to!

    Republicans: what the hell is wrong with them, besides everything!


  4. Have you considered revisiting embroidery art or other needlework for the Winter? I’ve been revisiting needlepoint, which is great for the Dark Times — just finished a 34,000-stitch piece and am embarking on a 35,000 one next. Certainly does waste a lot of long evening hours!

    Your hair looks fine. I haven’t had a pro haircut in over 15 years, though, so may not be the best judge. (I just hack it off myself, with no training or skill whatsoever.)

    Best wishes for more enjoyable watercolor painting — I do hope it isn’t Sweet Winston’s pet portrait that is causing you trouble!

  5. Don’t start me on the Rittenhouse judge or Aaron Rodgers. Just don’t.

    Loved ALL the Zen. Calmer already! (Then you brought up Rittenhouse and Rodgers and Youngkin. Thanks heaps!

    I’d love to see your mess ups. Really. Just to know they really happen. And I’m with you on the time change. I hate it with all my heart. So does Lizzie. Well, maybe nt — but she bugs me to be fed an hour earlier every day. I suppose I could say I am adjusting better than she is. But not much….

  6. PS. Don’t complain about the hair which really looks great. Me? I look like a cross between Roseanne Rosanna Dana and Cousin Itt unless I pull it back. Trust me. You look great.

  7. Susie

    Again I find myself having to offer up my sincere apologies for the state of the state of Wisconsin. I’ve had to block all news sources because I can’t stomach that vigilante proud boy wannbe and his “pinch to zoom is a conspiracy” judge. Then we’ve got Karen “I did my research” Rodgers. Now they throw snow at me in early November….I suspect my winter mind is at the bottom of a bottle. Not everyone here is crazy, I promise.
    Can’t wait to see more paintings, it’s how I found your blog in the first place.

  8. I love that first photo! And for what it’s worth, I think your hair looks good. I don’t see the bedraggled-ness.

    That condor story is AWESOME. Revenge of the condors!

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