Some Times I Sits and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sits.

I have a Picture Window in my den.

Mostly I use my Picture Window to look out of. But to the critters in the backyard, my Picture Window is their view in. That’s Taffy (above) checking out the view in. If you think it might be disconcerting to have a cat watching you from the other side of your Picture Window,

try getting the Hairy Eyeball from a Blue Jay.

Or the Frank Curiosity of a Cardinal:


You might have noticed that it was snowing when I took these pictures out of my Picture Window on Wednesday. Snowy days are surprisingly good days for bird watching,

just ask Lickety,

who got on the cardinal’s nerves,

so he took off and flew up into the tree

to hang out with his pals,

where there was a Blue Jay in a bad mood (what else is new?) who didn’t like sharing his tree with the Red Riding Hood Gang so he dive-bombed them

in a vain attempt to claim all the branches for himself.          What? You don’t see the Blue Jay here?  In flight?   In the lower left hand corner?

Here he is:

See that blur?

Taffy missed it too.

There’s nothing better than watching the world out of your Picture Window.

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  1. Deborah

    Thanks for letting us watch right along with you. Very enjoyable.

    Picture window — yes, the house I grew up in had one, also called “the front window”. You’re right, though, on HGTV they say things like “lots of natural light” but no one says picture window. I was interested to learn from HGTV that the house I grew up in is a “starter home.” It was just home to me. It’s still home to my father, some 50 years later. He likes looking out the picture window to watch the hummingbirds at the feeder in the summer.

  2. ” Gut Bust” a trail.
    Descriptive and funny, Vivian.
    I can almost picture a fat ,”ferel’ cat, pushing his way thru the snow to get to the kibble bowl.

    I hope he’s snug and warm up in the hutch.

    AND, those BIRDS !! Terrific shots of them, too.
    Good blog today.

  3. Nadine

    The cats are too adorable.

    And now I’m actually looking forward to our next snow storm! I didn’t know birds were active during precipitation.

  4. Jeannie

    I grew up with a picture window and have one in my house. Actually, it is a big screen TV for the cats. They sit and watch the feeders from my desk in front of the window. Your blue jays are prettier than the ones we have out west. Ours are bullies and resemble a magpie, but blue.

  5. I can’t believe you got THREE Cardinals in one picture! Here, where I live, you don’t get to see them often.( they are wary birds).
    And to think, you have them right near your ” picture ” window.

    It’s ok to call it that. Your back yard “pictures” are what most people would love to have.
    Long Island is more nature -friendly than we think.
    ( west of the Goethals bridge)

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