Dear Readers,

I suck at time management.

I am suddenly really busy with out-of-the-house stuff and I just didn’t get around to uploading all the  news this week.

Next week I’ll be in Los Angeles and I will DEFinately not have access to a computer nor will I have the time to curate the current events that never seem to stop.

I am deeply sorry to be a no-show this week and next…and if things turn out, I might be on a honeymoon in Korea after Dec. 5th so don’t be surprised if this thing never gets up and running again!

P.S. Chances are I won’t be running off to Korea but still, you never know.

Go take  some long walks, with some trashy movies that make you laugh, listen to sad songs that make you wish you were a love-sick 20-year old again (that’s what I do when I’m bored). 

Mucho xxoo



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  1. Have a great time at the concert!

    PS: did you receive my email? Am trying to plan holiday gifts, would love to know status of Sweet Winston’s portrait, pretty please, when you have the time, which I hope you get to have soon, you sound a tad overwhelmed there! Thank you, and do take care!!

  2. Maryanne the OG

    Bon voyage, Vivian! Here’s wishing you an upgrade to first class to and from LA, comp’ champagne, and a fabulous time with the BTS army. XOXO

  3. Carol

    Hi Vivian!
    I always look forward reading your blog on Fridays, but understand your California Kpop needs. (Especially since we are in the dark days of winter. AND especially since we lost another one of the Monkees this week.)
    Found these vet clinic signs online, and thought you might enjoy:
    Getting closer to the solstice and lengthening days!

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