Some Days I Sits and Thinks and Some Days I Just Sits.

I just have a few the things to note about this week’s news, not counting the splendid cache of emails that the January 6 Committee have found between Trump and his congressional co-conspirators which are too numerous and too incriminating to get into, but watch this space…there’s  a Trump perp walk in our future!




And in other happy legal news:

All in all, it’s been an outstanding week for legal news.

Did you hear that the governor of California and the AG of New York are proposing statues that mimic the Texas law that allows private citizens to sue abortion providers and those who use their services (now that it’s been upheld by the Supreme Country) THE DIFFERENCE BEING that in CA and NY you’ll be able to sue gun manufacturers and owners. So now the Texas Republicans are sweating bullets (ha ha) and re-thnking that bounty they placed on pregnant women. 




The US Navy has started ridding its ranks of seditious white supremacists AKA “anti-vaxxers”, too:


But,wait…isn’t that your name?They just want to use your name,dude, the name your parents gave you:


I’ve never dated a guy who drove a truck, but if I were a single lady I’d reconsider for this guy:


And this proves that there IS a sign ion intelligence in Alabama (one sign, that’s  it, that’s the story):





I don’t eat cereal but if you do, please don’t buy Kellogg’s products:



In case you can’t tell, I’m a pro-union, pro-$25 minimum wage  girl:

That’s it for the news portion of this get-together. Let’s spend a few moments appreciating this beautiful planet that we live on, OK?



This (below) is a flight (wing) feather from an American Bald Eagle, in case you’ve never seen one up close:



















Dear Reader, if you are feeling frazzled this week, stressed and worn out from all the expectations heaped upon you by others or yourself, please take a minute to BREATHE. Inhale. Exhale. Go watch a sunset, step outside to see some stars. Take a long hot bath, have an extra glass of wine while listening to your favorite album. Find the quietest place in your heart and sit there. 

Have a great weekend, everyone. Be like a fox.


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  1. Thank you for the dog/cat roundup, always a fave. That locket is priceless.

    I’ve tried to reduce stress by not looking at the news (been avoiding it for nine months now) so sometimes I have to skim past your political/news roundup. I probably missed a few major breaking news stories over the past nine months. I have no idea what went on. And you know what? I don’t care. But I do hope someone pokes me when The Person Who Was Never My President takes a perp walk, and when the pandemic is over. Otherwise it’s back to my rabbit hole. It has wiener dogs in it, so that makes it perfect.

  2. Maryanne the OG

    Ah, good, you’re back.

    The picture of Butters the cat offering the still-warm chicken wing made me snort – I know a cat like that.

    I hope your travels were good ones. And now to snuggle in, warm bath, good music, wine – you’re setting a good example for us.

    Looking forward to that perp’ walk.

  3. Kirra

    Thanks for the pep talk about being like the red fox, helpful for me today.

    I am a union member in my profession of teaching we only ever get conditions the union negotiates for, the education department never treat us with respect in regard to working conditions or pay. So I appreciate the union news and off course hearing the well deserved consequences for anyone connected to Trump.

    Also, here in my state of South Australia they made covid vaccines mandatory for all people working in education/early childhood and they made it so you had to have it before the first day of the Christmas/summer holidays, so if you didn’t have it you didn’t get paid for the summer holidays! Sucked in!

  4. You always find something that makes me smile and take notice.
    Now I must stop eating Bare Naked granola. I didn’t know it was part of Kellogg. Ugg!
    Sweet kittie toes, smiling fox, and dogs.

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