I Heart My Dear Readers.

O Dear Readers, and you know who I mean, all you wonderful readers who gather here twice a week, you readers who send me the best birthday wishes, write the best Comments, fill me in on the best ideas of France and travel and tea and feathers YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN: YOU.

Will you be my Valentine?


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  1. Rachel

    Celebrating this morning the passing of a kidney stone that has been plaguing me for six weeks. a glorious day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

  2. JOAN

    The caption on the card, The Dance of Love, is precious, love the sense of joyous celebration for the day of LOVE…the photo of the cat wearing the love bird as an accessory, that’s SO me. HA..


  3. Gigi

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Vivian! What a lovely sentiment! But, for me, the real valentine was your sharing with us the manuscript of your Damn France book. I especially love the beautiful paintings of the forest scenes; you have captured perfectly the way sunlight streams through trees in the forest. In fact, I love the quality of light in all your paintings. Thank you again for showing us the work you’ve been doing and inspiring us along the way. I can’t wait to buy your book!

  4. I’m so glad you’re a cat person. Dogs are fine, but cats, CATS! I know there are a gazillion cat books out there already, but I feel sure yours would be special, should you choose to write and illustrate one. (Hint, hint.)

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Top Cat, and all the cats in your household –

  5. Deborah

    And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I celebrated it by wearing green to yoga (as did 80% of the class, coincidently) and watching the Westminster dog show with my pups.

  6. Susie

    Thank you for the chuckle and warm fuzzy feelings…kitties! Washing their butts-we call it playing the violin….I have one doing just that on the table next to me right now.
    And the added treat of you dancing with your cats, I love it!
    Have you thought about doing a line of greeting cards with your watercolors? I’d be first in line to get every single one….

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