November in a nutshell

fall one

November 1:  I’m excited about Fall, and ambitious. I’ll paint the most complicated leaves I can find.

fall too

November 7:   Ooooooo.  The first REDS.  There’s a leaf from the Japanese maple in the front yard in there, which has just turned from dull maroon into brilliant vivid crimson.

fall three

November 17:  Here’s how I learn all about BROWN, and when a single oak leaf turns into a complete Fall landscape.

fall four

November 30:  All the trees are bare, and the leaves are scattered on the ground like bits of old wrapping paper, torn and worn, pushed by cold winds into the farthest corners of the yard. 


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  1. Barbara Lemme

    Love looking at your paintings but so glad we no longer have to rake those MANY leaves. We’re in the desert of AZ where there are few leaves. Ahhhh, to live vicariously.

  2. Lovely leaves! Nice timeline of Nature too.

    I’m in a journaling class where the theme is Autumn, and actually, leaves like this are this week’s assignment. Your artwork has inspired me to get started on it.

  3. Barbara Lemme

    I love reading your blog and referring back to the book. By the way, keep the crooked old shed crocked, please. It has character.

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