In The Eye of …

Overheard at the Commerce Bank

the scene:  A mother and her teenage daughter were on their way out.

The daughter , wearing very short cut off jeans,  had long glossy hair like you only get with an expensive hair salon blow out.

She was scowling at what looked like a deposit, or a withdrawal slip.

The mother looked exasperated, and as they passed me I heard the mother say to the girl (in a half-lecturing, half-annoyed tone of voice, clearly rebutting something the daughter had said shortly before):

“We are not poor.”

I let my eyes follow them out to the parking lot,  to see what kind of ride the “poor” kid had.

It was a white Mercedes SUV.

Then I went home and called to  order the Long Island Iced Tea Appreciation Society.

Although I was not drinking iced tea. It was just  a gin and tonic — but it was in a tea cup.


When I was a kid, it took me a long time  to figure out whether I was born rich, or not. Doesn’t every kid, at one point, ask their parents, “Are we rich?”

I know what answer I got. It was something along the lines, “We’re not rich and we’re not poor. Son’t worry about it.”

It didn’t take me long to figure out that my parents were smoothing over the fact that we were well on the poor side of a Mercedes SUV.

But I can honestly say that today, I am awfully rich. This is a picture of me, proof of how very rich I am these days.

And that’s only the 25% of it.

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  1. Love the Long Island stories. Most of us live in the other part of the world.

    I see the crack team of ferocious felines are helping out. You are, indeed, rich.

    Tell us about the department store scene, local grocery– or do the maids do it? (THEIRS , not yours.) Good places to start. Local living, etc.
    Long Island is different from the rest of us.

  2. I find it very inspiring that from a snippet of conversation, you can give us such a fun and interesting post that makes us think on our own childhood. Sometimes I get the titles for my images from snippets of conversation but this one could lead to a whole essay! Kids these days…I just shake my head and try not to figure them out,lol!

  3. I think that black and white cat DIED. Better check him out.
    Hah! kidding, of course. How can he be sooo relaxed, unless you exude calmness to him?
    That picture tells a lot; you have a relaxing auroa, and people and animals react.
    You think?

  4. JOAN

    WHAT? Miss Lah Tee Dah doesn’t travel in a chauffeur driven limousine to do her errands? It’s nice to see the cat posse tending to you…did they mix the drink or is that Top Cat’s job? Novel way to drink the toddy…tea cup.

    I look forward to Tales from Long Island…so very different from my bailiwick.

  5. Susie

    Thank you for the relaxing photo of you with your ‘tea’ and kitties. What could be finer, richer, than sitting in your own back yard with your cats? Writing while a cat sniffs your pen? And gin and tonic in a teacup! I learn something new from you every single time….and you get me thinking and reflecting about stuff.
    In the Southern Tier area of New York state (definitely NOT Long Island), we see lots of pick-up trucks and rusted Chrysler minivans. And Walmart sweat pants…still see lots of kids with cell phones glued to their ears. Brain cancer farms….

    I need your stories of Long Island life!

  6. Tracey

    Perhaps both the bag and the car were leased? You can now rent bags by the month (courtesy of the NY Post).

    I grew up on the South Shore (the poor side) of Long Island, but our cats were still spoiled.

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