I looked out of the picture in my den and I called out to Top Cat, “Come see this! The mortal enemies have called a truce!”

Usually, these two cats can’t stand the sight of each other. For two years they have been skirmishing out in the backyard, squabblingover who’s going to be head honcho, call the shots over the breakfast buffet and get first dibs on every body’s favorite door mat on the back door steps (the dry spot ,under the eaves, when it rains).

Top Cat takes a look at this scene and he shrugs, and says to me, “I can’t tell who that is.”

Can’t tell who that is???

How can that be? We only have four black cats for DoG’s sake, and they are all so very different from one another that it’s the easiest thing in the world to tell them apart!

See for yourself –here’s Timmy:

And here’s Blackie:

This is Dudley:

And this is Cindy…

…who is an indoor cat and not really part of this Black Cat Mystery but I wanted to show her to you to prove how very dissimilar all our black cats are, in appearance, attitude, body language, etc.

Right? You see it, right?

So now you tell me: who is on the stone wall?

And everyone who gets it right will receive in the mail a special print of a Vivian Swift cat painting along with a certificate for Superior Achievement in Catology.

Deadline for this contest is noon, Eastern Standard Time, on Saturday July 30.

Please leave your two names (either Timmy, Blackie, and/or Dudley) in the Comments below and if you are correct I will contact you for your home address so I can send you your prestigious credential, suitable for framing.

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  1. Pinky


    Timmy’s been around, but you haven’t blogged about him yet. There are probably 100 stories you haven’t had room to mention on the blog. Some could be about Timmy.
    Back to square one.

  2. Linda Jacks

    Dudley and Blackie – Duh. (Sitting at my computer with evil black cat princess Lupita on my lap).
    Can Top Cat pick you out of a “group” of two reclining female people?

    Linda Jacks

  3. Linda Jacks

    Or maybe it’s Timmy and Blackie – or Timmy and Dudley? But in person we would all know, promise.

    Linda Jacks

  4. bunny

    I am trying to gather my wits here, and my first thought is, they all look alike to me. But then, I think I am way past that. And realize I’m one of those super sensitive people who look past LOOKS, and stare into the soul of the other person to size them up, or in this case black cats. You can easily pick up “hints” on the body language, the crook of the mouth, the way they tilt their head, or perk up the ears when they see you appear.

    And by then, its very obvious that they are from rival gangs, each with his own posse, Blackie confident that his peeps, Candy, Licorice and Taffy (just the names are scary, right?) are right behind him giving him props? and Dudley, strutting his stuff like he darn well owns the place, for as long as he’s been coming ’round, his hiss puts fear into all who come within a sniff of him.

    I hope I win…

  5. Susie

    Blackie and Dudley?

    Hard to tell without knowing them personally.

    My sister lives in a small town and has 12 cats, most of them black. That way the neighbors never know how many she has. She tells people she has 3.

    Cindy is beautiful, nice and sleek with gorgeous eyes and a sweet expression.

  6. I am going with Timmy and Dudley.

    Most people can’t tell my two black-and-tan dachshunds apart, either, and they are SO different. One *clearly* has more white hairs on top of his head than the other!

  7. Rachel

    Going with Blackie and Dudley here. But frankly, I think you are attempting to obscure things with that murkey photo.

    As we say in most things, two outta three aint bad.

  8. JOAN

    I say Dudley and Timmy…

    If you have a black cat named Dudley then one of the others should be named DooRight, right?

    I heard on a local service announcement by a rep. of our local no kill animal shelter, that black cats are the last ones to be adopted because of so many superstions. Black cats are the most tormented/abused cats…based solely on their color. Because they are the least desirable they are the most euthanized (killed) cats at shelters who practice this awful deed.

    Out where it’s so Dog-danged hot you could melt…104F/50% humidity in the desert for crying out loud! There oughtta be a law!

  9. Janet

    I’m thinking Blackie and Dudley would be looking for a cool place if they were in Texas, too. Timmy reminds me of my black cat Gwydion who went to kitty heaven many years ago — he’s very handsome.

  10. Shelley

    I’ve been going around and around…and I think it’s Blackie and Dudley. I’d know in a heartbeat if we could see both of the kitties faces (or if you had posted butt shots of all of them to compare).

    At any rate, they are all gorgeous and full of character. Blackie looks like a force to be reckoned with, but then again, he might be the biggest lover. Cindy is simply beautiful too.

    It’s hard to imagine people being frightened of black cats…some of the BEST cats with the sweetest personalities I’ve ever had were black ones.

  11. JOAN

    WOOT!! I’m one of the three winners….I’m doing the Happy Cat Dance.

    Timmy & Dudley…you are two rockin’ fat cats! Hope you maintain the truce at least as long as the heat continues to melt pavement, people and cats.

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