Listening Is An Act of Love.


When you live in a 100-year old house, there are things that go Boom in the night REAL LOUD.

Most recently, what went BOOM was a 50-year old shower door, and it had heaved itself right off the wall. Poor, tired, 100-year old walls can’t fight a suicidal shower door.

So Top Cat got to demolish the old shower and with the help of the plumber next door, he put in a whole new shower for us.  That, in itself, is a whole other saga. The less said, the better.

Today Top Cat  put the finishing touches on solving one last problem with the new shower ( a persistent leak  through to the dining room ceiling), and the drawing above is his illustration of the talk he gave on the topic (to me).

Now, listening to a detailed explanation of the inner mysteries of household plumbing is not how I want to spend ten minutes of my life. But Top Cat was so pleased with his ingenuity that he asked me if I wanted to hear all about it and I said “Yes, oh yes!” and he got out his pen and he started to diagram the shower drain, the bathroom floor, and the dining room ceiling — all which you can see, above.

He even said, at one point, looking at his sketch, “Hey — that’s a pretty good drawing!”, and I listened to it all. Because Top Cat married me when I had five cats and I owe him.

So tonight, Top Cat and I are celebrating our new shower. We’re having my favorite dinner (champagne and pizza), and the Toppermost of the Cattermost  has just put an old Michael Jackson album on the turntable.  I know what comes next:


The Moves.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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  1. susun

    Oddly, I really AM interested in that shower leak challenge, as I’ve had a leaky shower pan for many months and keep putting off the repairs, the mess of it…maybe you’ve spurred me on. I hate having to use the spare bathroom shower.

  2. I have a husband who makes drawings like that to show me how the electric stuff works, or the plumbing or whatever he’s doing to the computer. It does not register with me at all but I say all the right (at least I hope)uh huhs and un unhs and he figures I’ve got it. It hurts his feelings if I don’t understand.

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