You Are Going to Thank Me For This.

Thank you, Donigan Merritt, of  Random Literary Blogging at

Readers, Mr. Merritt is a man of taste and perception who, when he walks the early Winter-time streets of Buenos Aires, he takes pictures of things like this:

This is an old kitty keeping warm in Buenos Aires on an August Winter day.

I know! I know! We should all go to B.A. and get our cats Argentinian coats!!

Thank you, my friend Melinda, for taking her annual four thousand-mile road trip through America (she’ll go anywhere except home, in North Carolina. It’s like a 1000 degrees there).

This past week Melinda was in the little town of Champlain, New York. She stopped to admire the town’s old Town Hall, which is really very old.

And Melinda got to chatting with an elderly lady who was also looking at the old Town Hall. The lady lives in Champlain and knows this old town hall building very well, and she showed Melinda something very wonderful about the brick work of the old Town Hall:

It seems that in the olden days, the brick maker of the old Town Hall had a cat.

A cat who seemed to be very curious about the brick-making process.

I know! I know!

We  all need to live in houses made of paw-printed bricks!!

(You. Are. Welcome.)

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  1. Shelley

    I tried to go to Donigan’s blog, but the link took me to Blogger which said that blog did not exist…?

    I LOVE the paw prints in the bricks! They make me want to make stepping stones or something that I can personalize with my kitties prints – I am sure they would oblige me by walking through damp cement (especially if I lure them along with a shrimp or two)!

  2. Click on my name on this comment and it should take you there. A long time ago I set up a blogger account in order to comment more easily on a friend’s blogger blog. It lives forever, even thought there is nothing there and never has been.

    And muchos gracias, Vivian.

  3. Mary

    There is a catalog item you can get for new mothers. You can get your baby’s handprint ( make your own) in a kit.
    I can’t remember which catalog.

    NOW I will have to find it and get one for my special cat, 14 or 15 yrs. old, who is not well.
    I never thought of that before the Donigan Town Hall.

    Thank-you, Vivian !!

  4. I really think you need to go on some sort of adventure-slash-writing trek across the country (and the world) documenting all the feline quirks and influences out there. And then write and illustrate several volumes of books about it.

  5. Jeannie

    When my Dad poured our new patio 50 years ago, we all got to put our foot prints in the wet cement – Me, Jim, Tammy, Corky, Tillie, Angel, Tiger. The last four were our 2 dogs and cats. I have wanted to go back to that house and take up that piece of patio for years. I wonder if they would notice?

  6. JOAN

    If I lived anywhere near that disintegrating old town hall, I’d be all for taking that brick with the paw prints back home to put in my yard…yes, I’d dig it right out of the bldg. What a shame they don’t have more respect for those historic places and structures. I don’t like seeing old bldgs about to fall down.

  7. Rachel

    And I am here in sunny San Diego admiring the lovely lovely cats on the front of the Cat Certificate that I received last week. Ahhhh.

    I am also moving books from place to place and at least some out the door. My motto had always been *you can never have too many books.* There is a bit of a flaw in that ointment when preparing to move.

  8. Nadine

    OMD! Paw prints in brick. What a fabulous Town Hall. And it makes my hear warm that there’s a catowner who cares so much for his/her kitty to have a cat coat made for winter. I’m going into sugar shock over the sweetness of this post.

    BTW: I clicked on eh blogspot link you gave but an error message returned saying it’s not an existing URL. Typo?

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