What Cats Really Think


“See? See? Those damn Twilight vampires aren’t the only ones who sparkle in the daylight.”


“It’s not so bad being between a rock and a hard place as long as you have a nice big buttĀ for a cushion.”


In the future, every cat will be famous for fifteen minutes on YouTube.”


“I’m only coming to your Thanksgiving dinner if you promise there won’t be any drama that I can’t get in on.”


“Dear Diary: Fell asleep in my tuxedo again, woke up with a raging hangover. In other words, still lovin’ the bachelor pad lifestyle!!!”

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  1. Ok, it’s official. I love your blog and have added it to my Google Reader. I was enjoying your blog before this post, but now you’ve featured cats and their thoughts. I’m done, I’m toast, I’m a believer.


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