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Are We There Yet

Angus, the Airedale in the middle (above), lives on a 70-acre estate [old farmland with woods and a pond] in upstate New York. He has been waging a valiant battle to recover from injuries that he sustained three weeks ago, probably from a hunter’s high powered rifle — it took Angus three days to crawl home, wounded as he was. He has been undergoing treatment from the finest vets in the county and recuperating at home in the care and love of his beloved human companion and his “pack”, Malcom and Lily (above). Back in the vet’s office for follow-up care, while being administered routine anesthesia for more surgery, Angus’s heart, as big and as brave as it was, just gave out; he died yesterday afternoon.

We all who knew Angus and knew his fearless, hardy, adventuresome, and loving spirit, and all of us who had been in awe of his stout-heartedness and serenity during these past few weeks, all of us who were inspired and comforted by his determination to remain the leader and soul of his pack, are devasted.  He was a good dog. He was family.

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  1. Rachel

    Vivian, I am so very sorry. He sounds like a valiant and loving dog and I am sure will indeed go directly to dog heaven. (I am not completely convinced about people heaven, but am a firm believer in dog and cat heavens.) Thank you for your memorial to him.

  2. mary

    Tears. Tears are in my eyes.
    A worthy tribute to a sweet dog.
    An NRA member anonymously donated to Angus’ treatment when he heard a hunter shot him. And it took Angus THREE DAYS to get home.

    I know this.

  3. Barbara Lemme

    How very sad. I love airdales. We had several as I was growing up. They are special and to lose any animal is extra sad. This one was extra special. I’m so sorry.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this. That poor dog. After he suffered so much to get home and get help. Life isn’t fair! I think all hunters should be hunted to see what it’s like before they get a license. And this poor dog wasn’t even fair game!

  5. I was so sad to read about Angus and his tragic story. I love Airedales – had one for thirteen wonderful years – they are indeed stout-hearted dogs.

    My heart goes out to you to lose a beloved dog in this manner.

  6. mo

    oh my. losing a beloved pet is so difficult under the best of circumstances, but it’s just so meaningless in this instance. poor poor Angus. like timaree said, to have struggled so valiantly to make it home, to have gone through surgeries and recuperation, and then to not make it. yep, life is not fair. what a horrid story, but so well told. thank you so much for sharing. and of course airedales hold a special place in my heart due to my own Lad. your story brought up memories of my own loss. sigh.

    i hope you and your furry family are holding up ok, and that warm memories of Angus will help you shoulder your grief.

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