A Paris State of Mind.


When I was writing Le Road Trip I stayed away from traveling to Paris because I didn’t want any new information or experiences to corrupt the specific memories I was trying to pin down in my Damn France Book. But that didn’t stop me from gathering my Wish List, my Must Do List of people, places, and things I have to check out the next time I’m en ville. Top of the list: this baguette vending machine (above).

And I want to see the last pissoir in Paris (on theBoulevard Arago, near the famed La Sante prison, 14th arr.).

For now, though, for my daydreaming, I’ve been revisiting my favorite Paris book, Paris Cafe, Le Select Crowd by Rick Tulka.

Rick is a MAD magazine staffer who lives in Paris and hangs out, every day, at Le Cafe Select.

He brings his sketch book with him and “works” at the cafe.

I don’t know if I am more envious of his supreme skill…

…or of the fact that his “office” serves champagne.

Self Portrait by Rick Tulka, at “work” in his “office”.

If you could use a little Paris in your life today, check out Rick and Paris Cafe, The Select Crowd.

But then again, I have cats in my office.

Which is a lot like having an endless flow of champagne in the office, except for the fun, the bubbly, and the good tasting part.

Oh, that little painting of a Japanese tea house that Coco is ignoring?

Yes, that’s a peek at some stuff I’m going for the garden book. Now, I like tea houses…but I detest macha tea (the powdered green stuff they serve in the Japanese tea ceremony) so I’ve never bothered to sit in on this particular cultural event. I’m probably missing out on a fascinating and deeply moving esthetic experience…or not. My poll for the day is: If you had a choice, would you go for the Tea Ceremony, or Champagne at a Paris Cafe?

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  1. Champagne at a PC…
    To see Paris..My husband a a traveling companion actually used a pissoir in Europe..Sienna if I recall..I took a photo of him entering or coming out..I forget right now..

    Not really any worse than some literal holes in the ground we had to use..Roussillon ?
    That’s one part..I wasn’t excited about.

    I love those paints w the big rondellles..

    It is amazing how long the little travel paints last for me..I only paint small.

    Both your books are delightful and I look forward to more..
    My friend in California wrote me saying she had picked up Le Road trip and loved it also~

  2. Mary

    Your new paint tubs look well used and happy. I also notice a new “punch” in the brightness of the new project art. Good luck with that.

    As for the decision; it depends if I have to drive home. And the time of day. Champagne is good any time. If you have to drive later, don’t do it.

    That’s my answer, and I’m stickin’ to it.

  3. Carol

    Champagne in Paris – with the select person who writes this blog and the select people who read it! How about a 3rd option – tea in your office with your ‘staff’???

  4. Cheryl McLaughlin

    i once got very sick from drinking champagne on a boat (in Long Island Sound – and I am from landlocked Pittsburgh) during a wedding reception – and as a result detest champagne – but I would still choose a Paris cafe any day over a tea ceremony. Sitting in a Paris cafe would afford the opportunity to observe MANY different cultural experiences, while the tea ceremony allows observation of one — interesting though it might be – and the tea — meh.

  5. Laura

    Champagne in a Paris cafe, for sure. Heck, I’d settle for tap water in a Paris cafe… I do appreciate the serenity that a Japanese tea ceremony brings. The harmony, the intention… My mood right now is bubbling for the bubbly, though.

  6. Joan

    Champagne at Paris Cafe’ with this blog owner, it’s followers…would be just too much!

    Why have they removed the pissoirs? Sanitary reasons? You usually give us the full story behind such things.

  7. janet bellusci

    paris! every time. and champagne, red wine, or hot chocolate at angelina’s, whatever…all a bit of heaven. now and forever, paris!!

  8. I’m gonna go for the tea ceremony. I’ve been to Paris a fair bit over the last 2 years so I’d like to do something novel. I LOVE the garden paintings. This book will make me delirious with joy. Gardens are my favourite things in the world.

  9. Green tea ice cream at Le Select svp.
    What a nice story on Rick’s excellent book
    There’s a companion cat waiting at the Select leading a life of Riley so you would be comfortable there.

  10. onceinabluemoon

    i am moniques friend in ca who picked up your book. then the other. then i bought both for another friend. then i just told a new friend… in other words, i ADORE YOUR BOOKS! you are full of whimsy, ponder and wonder, my cats names by the way too. i am a fast reader, a book day kinda gal, wing wham boom, but not yours… i milked them our for a week. for private little pleasure moments. it is 106 degrees where i live this week, but i was feeling no heat when i was in nov and dec in your little village.

    i just wanted to tell you i adore your creativity, your spark, your slant, your visuals, your quiet reflections on how i see life too. and of course your don’t know this, but you and monique are so similar in your artistry, she too paints with the same flow and magic as you. i am thrilled she shared you.

    thank you for the weeks of pleasure you gave me, i was so sorry to have to close book number two, i enjoyed smiling, laughing out loud and walking dreamily in your world, wishing you the best to come still~

  11. Hello Vivian, I just to your email a picture I took recently of another bread vending machine, in Champagne! I also say there that I LOVED Le Road Trip, and my review will be up very early this Thursday at http://wordsandpeace.com.
    I sent you my picture form my picasa album, I hope it worked and that you got it. if not I’ll send it as an attachment, let me know

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