Spam and Peas, Ice Cream and Pickles

Some things just go together.

Milk and cookies, pretzels and mustard, cream cheese and celery, Lennon and McCartney, butter and biscuits, etc.

Yes, some things just go together: gin and tonic, Currier and Ives, shoes and socks, Sodom and Gomorrah, baseball and apple pie, marshmallows and camp fires, Hershey and kisses, end-of-the-year holidays and unresolved personal issues.

And, then, there’s Cute and My Cat, Butter :

That’s Butter. Chasing imaginary birdies in the snow.


Have a great weekend, everyone. See you Monday.

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  1. mary

    on the last picture: You could close off half of the opening, which looks large. It would cut down on the wind and ~~~~~~~ cold for the cat family.
    After all, we know cats who are “wild” love to be warm.

    adorable, adorable pictures of playful cat in first snow.

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