This Picture Makes Me Happy.

This is the house on the corner of MacDougall Street and Bingham Avenue, about six blocks from my house on Long Island. I would be happy to live across the street from this house just so I could look out my livingroom window and see this Wonder Wall every day.

You know what also makes me happy? Knowing that I have the BEST readers out there: it makes me happy to read all your Comments, especially because you have moose walking up to your front porch ,  and have entertained at the USO, and had a childhood in Africa, and you have the Rocky Mountains in your backyard, and you live in England .

(Remind me again: Why am I writing about me when I’m clearly about the least interesting person reading this blog??)

It’s been a GREAT 2009 (for me) because of youse.

Thank You, everyone who Comments. And Thank You everyone who reads and don’t remind me that I am the least interesting person etc.

I am always trying to make my blog better and for 2010 I have a few ideas that I’ll be throwing up for discussion. But that’s for future posts (suggestions are welcomed)– for today I am leaving you with this picture of the front of my house the morning after the Great Blizzard of ’09 because it makes me happy that Top Cat painted the whole shebang this Summer to make one of my life’s dearest wishes come true: I now live in my own yellow house.

With coral-tone shutters and lime green doors (the house has two front doors: this is the old one , which came with the original front porch 100 years ago) because I’ve also always wanted to live in a house that has New Orleans colors.

P.S. I live on a street with a lot of 100-year old houses. Those lime-green doors didn’t go over all that well with the neighbors.

Sazeracs for everyone!

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  1. Barbara Lemme

    You are certainly NOT the least interesting person or we wouldn’t be reading!! Besides you use words so well…and you paint and take great photos.

  2. I wanted to paint my house turquoise and lemon yellow after returning from a tropical vacation, then I wanted to paint it mint green.. but we live in snow country, and I suppose it would like a hummingbird that forgot to go south in the winter. At least Scott has been painting the interior walls a bright tangerine. Maybe even mango, which I remember is NOT your favorite fruit. Still thinking about what you asked..How did living in Africa prepare me to live in Alaska. Good question. Been fun to think about. Did the neighbors fuss over you paint job? I remember on parts of Martha’s Vineyard where I used to live, such things were actually covered in bylaws. In which case your shutter choices were black, navy or dark green. I think that is what sent me to Alaska.

  3. Jan

    I love your blog and your writing. Not boring or UNinteresting at all! (or maybe I just need a life?) 🙂 We have a detached garage with a HUGE blank white back that overlooks our backyard. After moving into our home I decided that was the first thing that had to be I did! A lovely fence with huge sunflowers, birdhouses..all the great backyard things. It makes me happy and doesnt annoy the neighbors or anger the neighborhood rules committee. I’d love to paint the garage door (which can be clearly seen from the street) with the backend of a Porche (as if I had one parked in my garage) but then…I can’t afford the fine I’d have to pay. Some people just dont appreciate my artistic abilities or humor.

  4. Susun

    I’m looking so forward to more of your great and new offerings in 2010! We put up a wrought iron fence in the front of our house and almost spent jailtime over it! Just kidding but it started a rush of likeminded alterations to the other nine homes in this tightly situated gated community here in Houston. Another homeowner added an iron fence around her garden and we all forgot homeowners association rules for a bit. Would love to live somewhere with a turquoise front door and mustard yellow or violet walls. Santa Fe maybe?

  5. tippy

    Every day of your blog is interesting!! When you get one note of thanks, 50 are behind it. The others just don’t write. Believe it, Viv.

    You have an insight to life that we don’t know about til we read it from you. A good idea from Jan. Maybe she should try painting her garage door anyway . See what happens. If the “committee” says she must change it, so…. she had the fun of doing what she wants to do. Maybe “they” will like it.. sounds good to me…

  6. Michelle

    I too look forward to reading your blog and wish that Damn France Book would hurry up and hit the market. You remind those of us that are reduced to watching the moose on the front porch (and picking up the resulting pumpkin mash) that there are still interesting people writing and illustrating interesting books. And trust me, we think you are far more interesting than us!

    Vivian, I need some stray cat advice! I started feeding a stray that began visiting our front porch (there’s lots of traffic on this porch—today a belligerent Stellar Jay demanding almonds! Maybe everyone thinks the porch is a serve-yourself cafeteria). The cat has returned and eaten every day, sometimes twice a day, but it runs away as soon as I carefully peek at it out the window). Should I just keep feeding this cat and will it someday maybe let me get a good look at it, or should I try to live trap it and bring it indoors? It’s terribly cold here and I can’t imagine living outdoors…Or maybe I should rig up a shelter for it? Any advice is appreciated—thanks Vivian!

  7. I think your neighbors will get used to the lime green doors. I had a yellow house in Minnesota for a couple of years. It was a 100 year old house that started out white till I got hold of it. I added blue doors that were almost turquoise, white trim and brick red paint on all the basement cement showing around the house. I loved it. Enjoy your colors and let the neighbors stew.

    Looking forward to seeing what you are coming up with in 2010. Can you believe we’ve reached 2010?

  8. Deborah

    Your house colors seem to echo the butter rum and cinnamon combination, with a lime-wedge garnish, to boot. Tasty.

    My front door is purple. People say it makes the house easy to find.

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