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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

ChrisHanKwanSolstice love for all.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


For this year’s holiday card I did a four-panel ode to the four seasons:


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is a good recipe for art, too…I took two of my favorite paintings of the beautiful Long Island Sound in Winter  from my first book When Wanderers Cease to Roam and I added new paintings of my own backyard in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter again to give a panorama of the entire year that begins and ends with a celebration of this dreamy time of year when we give ourselves a new beginning, a fresh start, a whole new energy to create, to accomplish, and to share the best of ourselves. Right?

I do hope all you who put your names on my list enjoyed receiving your 2012 ChrisHanuKwanSolstice card — I had to make it special this year, for all your kind reviews of Le Road Trip on Amazon and Goodreads.  Merci Mucho to you all, and since we’ve have a lot of new readers joining us I thought I’d show my gallery of ChrisHanuKwanSolstice cards from the past:

2007  —  Wanderers in the Wonders


2008  —  Comforts of the Season


2009  —  Long Night’s Moon on the Long Island Sound


2010  —  Praising the Light


2011  —  All is Calm, All is Bright


Have a wonderful holiday, everybody, and a fabulous Sostice, and a happy happy New Year —

and I’ll see you back here on January 4, 2013!

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  1. They’re all so nice..
    What a great idea..
    I made one once..:)Once yrs ago..
    I am grateful to Carol for having led me to you..and looking forward to your new book to add to our collection.

    Peace to you this holiday season~

  2. Nadine

    I got my card! Thank you for all of the snow pictures. I find myself watching stupid Christmas movies on TV (National Lampoon) only because there’s snow on the ground, and it’s been almost 2 years since we had real snow in NJ. Your paintings caught what weak winter sun looks like on snow.

  3. Sally

    Vivian, your card, this year and previous years’, is so lovely. I was delighted to receive the one I “earned,” and delighted to be able to reciprocate. I have just sent your blog url, once again, to my watercolor students so that they could all see, too.

    Re: Monet’s porkchops: GREAT comparison of the 2 pictures, amazing. Thanks.

    Also, in a recent trip to Philly I DID NOT take my pal Rachel’s advice, same as she gave you, to see the Barnes collection–it just wasn’t what I was looking for, and you have to reserve waaaaaay ahead of time. I had a whole 90 min to spend in the Art Museum, so I made a beeline for the Eakins (a Philly specialty like salt pretzels and cheese steaks, but tasty in a different way). Then I went searching to see what they had by my hero, Sargent, which was disappointingly little. I was surprised to find a painting of his in a room away from the other Sargents, and I wish I could tell you which room it was, but some info person might–it was a wonderful landscape I had never seen before.

    If you ever get a hankering to see Sargents, here in Boston is the place to be, and I would be delighted to show you some in our MFA. Just let me know. (We also have the Gardner museum, with its indoor garden/courtyard, with nasturtiums that trail down several stories in season–does that tempt you?)

  4. Rachel

    Vivian, I love your card and all of the fond memories it brings. Yes, you should take Sally’s Phila advice, since it is her territory, but I still recommend the Barnes, and the side trip to Longwood Gardens. Although Longwood would be lovely in winter, plenty of conservatory space, it might be best in azalea season. Crisp and cool here today and my beloved tree Kate is standing proudly in her winter underwear. Merry and Happy and peace and all good.

  5. Cheryl Carr

    Was so tickled with my beautiful card that I carried it around with me to study it, and then took it to work to show my nurse friends–everyone ooohed and ahhhed! Sometimes nures are not the most artistically (ie painting) creative–although they are very creative in other ways, since nursing is an art!
    Happy Holidays to all and thank you Vivian.

  6. Barbara Lemme

    I love your cards and will miss mine this year. I forgot to put my review on Amazon! Next time I’ll remember. Happy holidays!

  7. Mary

    I received my card and LOVED every inch of it.
    Thank you for the best card I ever saw! I have a collection of your cards, but missed last years’. This one is special. First fold-out type you made, and it is wonderful
    I enjoy your blogs every week, and wait to open it on Friday mornings. Enjoy your time off til Jan. 4th.
    Wishing you and Long-Islanders a Happy Holiday season . See you in January, Vivian.

  8. Mo

    thanks for the review of the annual cards, i never tire of looking at them. they’re so beautiful. i’m lucky to actually have the 2009 card, and i think i even have the 2011 one as well. but i love them all, and this year’s is especially wonderful. thanks so much for sharing, have a lovely Christmas and holiday season, and see ya next year 😉

  9. Jeannie

    Each year I think you have topped all the previous years and then you pull out all the stops for the following year. This year’s card is gorgeous! Merry ChrisHanuKwanSolstice!!! Have a wonderful holiday break and I’ll look forward to what you paint in 2013.

  10. i am new to all your charms this year and recieved your beautiful artwork in the mail this week, what a treat! i adore your style so much, thanks for all the joy and laughter you share, i had a little visual fun with your card on my blog today, so looking forward to your new book, thank you!

  11. Sally

    I heartily second Rachel’s advice to go to Longwood Gardens:
    They do have fine conservatories, and it might be quite nice to walk in their outdoors in winter (never did that). But they seem to have a Christmas hoo-ha going on now, with timed pre-purchased tickets, and this may not be your cuppa, though it probably brings them much welcome revenue.
    Azalea season, which almost certainly strikes at Longwood before it does on Long Island, would indeed be a wonderful time to visit.

  12. Gorgeous cards!
    I’m Buster’s mom and a friend of Carol Gillot.
    She said you wanted to comment on Buster so we are excited so we altered the settings for you.
    Hope your New Year is great

    greetings from more ex -wanderers now in Chelsea!

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