When Wanderers Cease To Roam

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P.S. I hate this cover. It wasn’t my idea to put the doo-dads in the corners, but it was better than what Bloomsbury had designed — clip art of doo-dads. So I drew the simplest doo-dads I could get away with, which I now regret. I should have just thrown a fit and held my breath until I got what I wanted, which was NO DOO-DADS. I think it’s the fault of the doo-dads that at my very first Barnes & Noble book event, I was put on a small stage in the Childrens’ Books section, and I had to give my talk under a Captain Underpants banner. And people wonder why writers drink.

But I do like the lumpy sleeping cat. That’s my Woody Robinson, Best Cat in the World, 1980 – 1996.


Le Road Trip

About Le Road Trip, Elizabeth Gilbert says  “J’adore Vivian Swift–my favorite travel writer, my favorite travel doodler. This book is a little secret pocket of treasure and intimacy. Enjoy every careful and carefree detail!”

“Swift’s narrative feels like a vacation . . . A fun, funny, and wonderful experience; highly recommended.” –  Library Journal 


It’s a book so nice they published it twice … in China:




When Le Road Trip was published in China for the second time, the title was changed from France Travel to Old Love Honeymoon. And that’s us, me and Top Cat, on the cover (I’m the one waving). If you’ve read the book, you’ll know why I think the new Chinese title is hilarious.



Gardens of Awe and Folly


Kirkus Reviews

“An engaging guide to gardens in locales ranging from Key West and post-Katrina New Orleans to Paris (“gardening capital of the world”) and Marrakech…A breezy, whimsical book that does its best to approximate the renewal one might feel upon visiting a garden.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“[A] seductive illustrated travelogue…there is loveliness and wit through whimsical words and pictures… Each chapter includes maps, inspirational quotations (as well as an “ancient Celtic prayer” she “just made up”), and a benedictory essay.  Her splashy watercolors, washing joyfully throughout, include a lesson on how to paint fall leaves.”

Available here and at bookstores near you.

Inside joke: check out the photo credit for the Author Photo on the black flap.DGB Author pic I hate this Author Photo. I was tired from all the hand work it takes to put one of my books together, and feeling stressed out because the manuscript for the GoAaF was a bit late, and you know, wondering if the world needed another illustrated travel memoir from yours truly. I forgot to put on lipstick and I did my hair and make up myself and I went to Target. It’s a wonder — a WONDER — that I was even able to smile. And then all the pre-orders for the GoAaF put it at the #1 spot in its category!

P.S. It’s a very, very, very measly minor category.

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