The Super-Duper Triscuit Quartet Give-Away


This, my Wonder Ones, is the first ever Quartet Triscuit Give-Away!

Above is the “Garden Quartet.

This is the “Tea Time Foursome”:


To win this Super-Duper Quartet Triscuit, all you have to do is leave a 5-star review on for my book,

Gardens of Awe and Folly,

henceforth known as the GoAaF, also known as the Amazon  #1 bestseller

in garden essays:


In case you don’t know what a Trsicuit is, it’s a delicious baked whole wheat snack  and hors-d’louvre cracker from Nabisco:Unknown

And it’s also the name of the itty-bitty watercolor miniature paintings of which I am partial to painting:





Triscuit Giverny

Leave your 5-star review on! Throw your name into the Triscuit box!

(You can check out previous Triscuit give-aways by clicking onto the Triscuits button in the Category side bar to the right.)

See you for hors-d’louvres soon!

P.S. This contest is now closed but you never know when I’ll be offering another Super Duper Triscuit Give-Away. Stay tuned.